The mysterious coral blog post in a bottle will certainly lead girlfriend on a trip to find one of the many precious treasures in Sea of thieves Season 4. Uncover out where to find the coral post in a bottle, what does that do, and also how to complete the trip it will certainly send friend to.

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Sea of theif Season 4 has actually sailed into our ports, bringing through it uncountable amounts of treasures for united state to plunder. Yet be warned, as Sirens room singing their songs and beckon to united state to join them right into dark depths of the vast ocean...

In Sea of thieves Season 4, it"s all around Sirens and mysteries bordering them. There will be many of obstacles to overcome and also secrets come unravel.

Many wide range await us on this journey, hidden among Siren Shrines and also Siren Treasuries.

Though, that won"t it is in easy, as a pirate"s life has actually never been an easy one.

One that the best secrets lies behind one enigmatic coral blog post in a bottle, i m sorry will eventually reward you through the Breath the the Sea.

Where to find coral messages in a bottle

A Coral blog post in a bottle is relatively easy come spot. (Picture: Microsoft, via rarely Thief)

With the Season 4 update, coral messages in a bottle can be uncovered beached approximately the shores of well-known islands. Friend can discover them on the beaches in the sand, within shipwrecks, and amongst Floating Barrels.

They don"t have collection locations; rather, castle will show up randomly, so you will must search because that them, however they will be fairly easy come spot.

Once you discover them, castle will create a special voyage, i beg your pardon will guide you to the closest Siren Shrine or Siren Treasury in the Sunken Kingdom.

This trip will not just reward you with the usual Siren Shrine or Siren Treasury treasures and also other wealth you discover in the depths, together it also hides a one-of-a-kind reward, exclusive come this voyage, referred to as the Breath that the Sea.

Where to find the Breath that the Sea

A an useful reward awaits you in ~ the end of our journey. (Picture: Microsoft)

As we"ve mentioned, the Breath of the Sea is a distinct treasure that deserve to be derived only by perfect the coral article in a party voyage.

Once you find the message, friend will get a note about this journey, and also all you have to do is to monitor the note"s instructions and also reach a Siren Shrine or Siren Treasury you to be directed to.

Once there, friend will should solve a couple of easy puzzles and also battle versus Ocean Crawlers and also Sirens.

Upon defeating them, you will require to discover a Coral Plinth, and also on it, girlfriend will view what you have actually come for - the unique treasure the the Breath that the Sea!

Pick that up and also savour your brand-new treasure! as soon as you have actually it, you can sell the Breath the the Sea to any kind of Trading Company, and you will certainly be rewarded plentifully.

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