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Week 10 the Fortnite fight Royale is ~ above us, and also while many of the obstacles are simple to item together, one is a bit tricky: “Search in between a stone Circle, wooden Bridge, and a Red RV.” Uh, sure!

Now if you recognize the map of Fortnite super fine you may have the ability to piece this riddle together. Yet for the rest of us, this is a beneficial map to display you whereby you must head.

That’s off the southeast corner of Tomato Town, best on the southwest sheet of Wailing Woods.

Once there, you’re searching for a small hill overlooking the woods with a rock formation and a please log. The fight Star will appear as girlfriend walk follow me the log. Piece of cake!

Something come remember once completing this challenge: The area is walk to be lousy with various other players trying to finish it as well, so carry out your finest to finish it right when you land indigenous the battle Bus. Otherwise you’re responsible to obtain plugged before you snag the reward.

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