Secrets and also Lies The declare S2E7 – What’s going on v Patrick and also Melanie? will Detective Cornell offer up her friend Danny to conserve her career? and most of all, who killed Eric’s wife?


Review and also recap Secrets and also Lies The statement S2E7

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Eric pipeline a voicemail for Patrick to shot to obtain some answers around Melanie who’s right now being wondered about by the police, once John reflects up gain into one argument about their mother.

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Melanie is at the police station being doubted by the sergeant, yet she doesn’t take it seriously and overtly flirts with him during the totality interrogation. The asks her about the protection footage whereby she was recorded leaving the office, yet she insurance claims she was just trying to discover a free bathroom as the one on that floor to be full. She walk on to tell the sergeant the Kate to be the only member the the Warner family members that treated her through respect, for this reason she would never hurt her.


Amanda visits Eric and he speak her about Patrick’s felonious behavior. Eric states that $12 million and also fraud can be motive enough to kill Kate and also suggests that Melanie might be connected due to she deleting the protection footage.

Eric goes come Patrick’s house and also sees Neil top top his method out for some reason. Eric goes to the door, however Melanie answers. The tries to ask why she deleted the defense footage, yet she pen him off and also closes the door.

Meanwhile, Detective Cornell confides in the sergeant that she has actually too plenty of suspects through too little forensic evidence, prior to she’s interrupted by a call from she partner, telling Cornell that her daughter was simply picked up string the end on drugs. Her partner didn’t report it, so Cornell choose up she daughter and also takes her house to Cornell’s ex-husband.

Eric confronts Neil about his partnership with Amanda, and also Neil tells him that he is in love through her, to which Eric tells him come let that go, because she’ll never ever love him.

Cornell finds the end from the lab technology that they discovered blood on the roof where Kate fell, saying that there to be some type of struggle, however Cornell is referred to as away by she ex who tells her to obtain to the residence immediately. Their daughter has disappeared without a trace and she’s not answering her phone!


Eric go to check out Patrick and finds out that Kate broke into the workdesk to get the financial records for Patrick. Patrick states that he wanted to phone call Eric, yet he couldn’t after he uncovered out what was going top top in the house. (But he doesn’t to speak what he’s referring to.)

Eric goes come the house and also sees Danny traction up searching for Carly. Danny tackles the guy who answer the door and takes his gun, shooting shots and also knocking out the guard. As soon as they hear sirens approaching, Eric and also Danny leave prior to the police arrive.

Cornell finally gets a speak to from she daughter, and also she tells her that she’s confirm herself right into rehab. Cornell speak her the she just wants she to it is in safe and get the aid she needs.

Eric meets v a lawyer about Patrick, however basically learns that everyone would certainly be prosecuted for Patrick’s crimes.

Eric climate goes to Neil to apologize for everything. Neil claims he was simply trying to protect Eric from Melanie due to the fact that she was, in secret, running a whore house. WHAT?!

Eric is visibly shocked, and the episode ends.

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Nobody can have viewed that twisted coming. I understand I definitely didn’t.

With just 3 illustration left, we’re closeup of the door in ~ above some genuine answers, and also after tonight’s reveals, we can confirm that no one can predict what’s about to take place next!

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Characters and cast that Secrets and also Lies The Statement include:

Detective Andrea Cornell – Juliette Lewis (Natural Born Killers, Jem and the Holograms, Wayward PinesAugust: Osage County, due Date, indigenous Dusk it rotates Dawn)Kate Warner – Jordana Brewster (The Fast and also the Furious, The human being vs OJ Simpson, quick Five, Dallas)Amanda Warner – Mekia Cox (Key and Peele, 90210, stunner Stupid Love, Battlefield America, Undercovers)Eric Warner – Michael Ealy (Seven Pounds, Think favor a Man, The Following, The an excellent Wife, Sleeper Cell, Barbershop, Jacob’s Ladder)John Warner – terry O’Quinn (Lost, Primal Fear, The X-Files, Patriot, The West Wing, Alias, JAG, corridor Related)Patrick Warner – Charlie Barnett (Chicago Fire, men in black 3, personal Romeo)Danny – Kenny Johnson (The Shield, Blade, saving Grace, Solace, Bates Motel, boy of Anarchy, Cold Case)Melanie Warner – AnnaLynne McCord (90210, American Heiress, Excision, Transporter 2, The Night Shift, Dallas, Nip/Tuck)Detective Ralston – Brendan Hines (Lie come Me, Deep in the Valley, plain Sinner, The Tick, Suits, Scandal)Belinda Peterson – Romy Rosemont (The Avengers, Beyond, Kung Fu Panda 2, Congo, The human being vs. O. J. Simpson, The Fosters)Major Bryant – David James Elliott (JAG, Trumbo, The Untouchables, foolish Men)May stone – mcnally Sagal (Sons of Anarchy, Scandal, murder One, The Jersey)Dr. Ethan Barrett – Jake Weber (Dawn that the Dead, Medium, fulfill Joe Black, Hell on Wheels, White residence Down, U-571)Neil Oliver – Eric Winter (The Ugly Truth, Comet, The Mentalist, Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay)