Model #1690

Released 1992

This is the initial version of the SEGA CD. This infant was built for the original version of the Genesis, which was stacked on peak of the CD. This finished up make a really cool looking ridge of gaming power if you ask me. This model had a tray that would certainly eject native the former of the unit come insert disks. I’ve been inside these guys and they room a complicated unit. All SEGA CD equipment came with built-in memory for conserving games, and additionally worked with a lamb Cartridge for much more save space. This version is coming to be a little bit harder to discover these days. And while you could use the 2nd model of the Genesis v this unit, that looked horrible. Examine out our exactly how TO ar for assist on hooking this baby up correctly, specifically if throw a SEGA 32X ~ above top!


The former of the initial SEGA CD has actually no buttons to push or ports to use. All manage is handled through the SEGA Genesis and it’s controllers. The CD tray chin slides out for friend to location a disk on. The SEGA CD logo is in reality a door flap that pops down as soon as the tray is ejected. To open up the tray you press the RESET switch on the SEGA Genesis. You deserve to press the switch again come close or just offer the tray a little push and also it will instantly close.

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To the right of the tray space two lights. Ready and also Access. The prepared light will certainly turn environment-friendly when the mechanism is rotate on (and whatever is functioning properly) and the accessibility light will blink red once the mechanism is analysis a disk.

Located on the left side is one odd little sliding clip. This clip is to host the Audio mixing Cable in location when the system is attached come the original SEGA Genesis. That keeps the cable from interfering v the CD tray once opened.



The second Version


Model #4102

Released 1993

I have additionally come throughout a version #4102A. The ‘A’ unit was built in Japan and also the ‘non-A’ unit in China. There space some differences on the CD Tray caddy, as far as just how it’s organized in the maker when the door is closed. On the exterior they appear identical.

This SEGA CD to be a drastic adjust to the initial design, lugged out with the remodel the the SEGA Genesis. With each other the Genesis 2 and also SEGA CD 2 made a quite looking side-by-side system. And also while I choose the look of the original, these two with each other are just as nice looking in their own way. The SEGA 32X additionally sits unique on this set-up.

I’ve checked out reports the this version of the CD has a bit quicker load times 보다 the original, they space nominal at best. It has the same interior memory volume as the original. And in all my trial and error they both seem come play games about the same. I will certainly say that this design seems to hold up far better over time.

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Again take it a look in ~ our how TO section for every the details on hooking these males up in the many different construction available.

Also, while the JVC X’EYE and SEGA CDX room ‘variations’ of the SEGA CD, they space so cool I provided them each their very own page!