Chrome Flags come and also go at a quick rate, through some ending up being fully-fledged browser features while rather disappear forever. These functions have to be aptly change the name to “Experiments” by Google since they let friend enable, disable and also customize various functions that are yet to make it into the mainline Chrome release.

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Some Chrome flags space semi-functional, others room obscure points designed because that the highly tech-savvy, while there are some that don’t yes, really do much at all. For this reason we’ve sifted v the crowd and also picked out the Chrome flags that will certainly actually have a big and positive affect on your searching experience.

Note: we update this list regularly to ensure the the flags us list space still available, but sometimes one outdated flag might slip with the net. If the happens, then let us understand in the comments, and also we’ll remove it.

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How to access Chrome Flags

Before girlfriend use any type of of these Chrome flags, you an initial need come know just how to access them. Type chrome://flags in the Chrome attend to bar and hit Enter. You will see a big list of Chrome Flags through a warning the these attributes are no stable.

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5. Pressure Dark Mode

Dark mode is the point that everyone’s after ideal now, do your display screen much less strenuous on the eyes as soon as you use it in the evenings or in a dark environment. You deserve to make home window borders darker using your OS settings, yet to actually make entire web pages dark, you’ll need to allow this flag.

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8. Zero-Copy Rasterization (Desktop/Android)

There are a couple of things you deserve to do v rasterization through Chrome flags, however one the the ideal is zero-copy rasterization, wherein writers raster streams directly to her GPU memory (or VRAM), which can work much faster than utilizing your continuous RAM (particularly if you have 4GB or much less RAM on your PC).

This deserve to be particularly helpful on cell phone devices, with the potential to minimize battery usage when you browse the Web.

9. Chrome Duet (Android)

On Android, Google has actually been experimenting with a “Duet” user interface for a couple of years now, which locations most of the choices like tabs, search, home, and also the options menu in ~ the bottom the the display screen instead the the top.

This feature’s not for everyone, but if you desire to try it, search for “Chrome Duet” in Chrome flags.

Here’s the weird thing: setup Chrome Duet come “Disabled” actually appears to permit it for us, while setup it to “Enabled” disables it. For this reason if it doesn’t work, shot doing the turning back of what girlfriend think you should do!

These are just some the the Chrome flags the will boost your searching experience. Although there room dozens of other flags to try, we execute not recommend you mess through them unless you know specifically what you room doing.

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10. Enable Parallel Downloading

There space several features of Chrome Flags that have the right to speed up your browsing, numerous of i m sorry are allowed by default. One such feature, i m sorry specifically accelerates your downloads, is “Parallel downloading,” which splits each paper you download right into three different jobs, speeding up the entirety process.

To permit it in Chrome flags, form “parallel downloading”, click “Default” once it shows up in the list, then click “Enable.”

11. Enable Smooth Scrolling

As the surname suggests, this allows you clear scroll through the content. Once you scroll in Chrome utilizing your mouse or the arrow keys, there is a little stuttering in the animation. This provides it difficult to quickly go v content and also easily read what is essential at the same time (bad for contents skimmers). With this option enabled, smooth scrolling simply feels right and also professional.

Just find for “Smooth Scrolling” or form chrome://flags/#smooth-scrolling into the address bar to accessibility it directly. Allow it making use of the drop-down menu listed below it.

12. Allow Experimental QUIC Protocol

QUIC protocol is a brand-new connection protocol developed by Google the is tho under development. QUIC is supposed to it is in a mixture of TCP and UDP protocols the is much quicker and an ext secure in ~ the same time. Usually, when we space on a TCP or UDP connection, it takes lot of trips to the server before a link is steady (which bring away time) and also ready to exchange data. QUIC protocol’s key goal is to just make a single trip to create a connection and also start the data exchange process, thus increasing the in its entirety browsing and also data exchange speed.

In Chrome, girlfriend can permit QUIC protocol to start taking benefit of this protocol best now and also speed increase browsing. Look because that the flag “Experimental QUIC protocol” or kind chrome://flags/#enable-quic to accessibility it directly. Use the drop-down menu below it to permit it.

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