Here's our full Shadow of the dig Raider guide, special puzzle walkthroughs, Mural, Document, and also Artifact collectible locations, and also more.

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In the opening hrs of shadow of the tomb Raider, Lara and Jonah room going come be challenged with a an especially tricky puzzle in the Peruvian tropical area that the game. In this Shadow that the tomb Raider bucket puzzle guide, we"ll be walking friend through just how to easily solve this daunting task, which block you turn off from proceeding into the next area of the game.

But if you’re rather after much more general assist with Lara’s latest adventure, you’ll want to head over to our shadow of the dig Raider travel guide hub. It’s top top this web page that friend can discover all the starting person tips and also tricks to gain to grips through the game, as well as complete details on every the gameplay changes that Square Enix has made because that this 3rd game.

How to resolve the zero of the dig Raider Bucket Puzzle

This puzzle takes place approximately halfway with the second area of zero of the dig Raider, after the huge battle through the 2 jaguars. If you require a full walkthrough guide for all the collectibles found in this area of the dense game, you’ll want to examine out our zero of the tomb Raider Peruvian jungle guide.

But otherwise, the bucket puzzle because that this area starts with Lara and Jonah facing two paths: one going as much as the left, and the various other leading under to the right. Take the path leading approximately the left, to find yourself overlooking a river.


Now turn left, and also head to the leaf of the area, wherein you can climb up a rock wall surface on her left. At the optimal of this wall surface will it is in a small area through a device that friend can gain to use the water running down a adjacent pipe, which you’ll should solve this puzzle.


Now return back to whereby Jonah’s stood, and you deserve to both communicate with a pole attached to a huge wheel. Press the wheel all the means up come the finish of the tiny ramp, and the pipe in ~ the finish will switch, putting water into the bucket and also lowering that down.


At this point, if you operation all the method back under the left path you initially took, and also take the route on the right, you’ll be also late to finish the puzzle, as Jonah will shout that the bucket is leaking. Return to higher ground increase the path, and also you’ll need to repeat the procedure of advertise the wheel all the means to the end of the ramp because that the second time.


When you now run to the bottom the the path on the best as quickly as possible, there’ll be a wood log v rope approximately it. Was standing behind this log, and also look to the other side the the river, shoot an arrow at the bit of rope ~ above the opposite next of the flow to for sure the log in in place.

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You’re now all done v this bucket puzzle in zero of the tomb Raider, together you can return to greater ground and proceed across the bridge, bringing girlfriend one action closer to Kuwaq Yaku. Speaking of the village, it actually ends up being pretty large, v plenty that collectibles scattered around the map. Because that a complete walkthrough of whereby to discover all the Documents, Murals, and other item in this location, head over to our zero of the tomb Raider Kuwaq Yaku guide.