Hello everyone and also welcome to mine tutorial on just how to pack a punch the Margwa total on Shadows the Evil. This overview will have both a full step by step tutorial and likewise a detailed video clip tutorial on exactly how to update the gun. So i hope you reap my guide and also find that helpful!Upgrading The GunCurrently this guide is not complete just yet. This overview will be updated together the an ext we find out about upgrading the gun however so much we have enough information for me to start this, so lets acquire started.First we have actually to obtain the Wonder Weapon. If girlfriend don"t know exactly how to do this, just kill a Margwa and pick up its heart. Throughout parasite rounds look for green eggs the they autumn when killed sand pick them up. Ultimately look about the map for purple pods and open lock up and also you should find a tentacle, choose that up also. Currently all you have to do is go to any crafting table ~ above the map and craft the weapon. So currently we can continue on to upgrading the gun.Make certain you have actually done every one of the rituals and that pack a beat is open as this is required to upgrade the gun. Following go around the map making use of the beast and also open up every one of the rift doors and also then open up the rifts increase by pushing square. Now that is done we deserve to go come the first step that upgrading.Step 1Head down into the rift area that the map and head through into the pack a punch area and run along the wall and stand alongside the load a punch machine. To finish this first step girlfriend will must kill 50 opponents using the wonder weapon while shoot close the load a punch machine. The best strategy because that this is to run a train in the rift area then lead all of the zombies beside the maker and shoot the wonder weapon. That doesn"t have to be 50 zombie in one shot but once you have killed 50 of them you will below a noise / quote and also that is when step 1 is complete.Step 2Next head to the Canal District and also just like before we must kill 50 zombies but this time we need to shoot the wonder weapon right at the rift portal so the zombies acquire sucked in come the rift. Again, once you have got the 50 death you will below a quote / noise and also that will let you understand you have completed that step.Step 3Head to the Waterfront district portal and repeat the action again. This one is a small tricky because it is down an ally way but just shot to train them around the box area then lead them come the portal and shoot the wonder weapon best at the portal and also get 50 kills. Once again friend will right here the voice and also you will understand you have completed this step.Step 4Lastly head over to the Floodlight District and also do the exact same again. 50 kills alongside the rift portal and also once done you will certainly here an additional quote letting you recognize you have completed this step. Currently that you have actually done every one of the Districts, head down to the pack a punch area and also you will watch that the load a punch maker is a red / violet colour. This shows that you have completed all of the measures above.Step 5 ?So together of right now that is all of the actions that we right now know.

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You cannot fill a beat the weapon just yet as there is tho something missing but we are constantly trying to uncover out what is next to upgrading this gun.As i said above this thread will certainly be updated and also once finish I will include a nicer layout and banners and pictures to every step. This is simply a unstable guide regarding what we recognize so far.Thanks for having a read!