It starts together it constantly does. You meet a cute girl and start hanging the end together. She likes talking v you, she is laughing at her jokes, and you think the she can be into you, however you’re as well afraid to do a move. Time go by and also you’re still only friends. Finally, girlfriend decide the it’s now or never. You reveal your feelings. Then she delivers that oh-so-familiar line: “Let’s just be friends.”

All in all, you need to be a good observer.

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Pay fist to her and see if her perspective towards you has actually changed. If you watch that she looks at you differently, touches you sometimes, beginning flirting through you herself, notices that you occupational out, gets jealous when you are flirting with an additional woman, then these are all an excellent signs! She will probably not do a move, for this reason you must make the yourself. But she will offer you hints to encourage you come kiss she or ask for a date.

The critical resort: Leverage the friendship

If whatever fails, accept the friendship through your crush. Shot to banish your romantic feelings for she as lot as friend can and focus on being a great friend – and stand by your decision. That means you are “just” a friend by YOUR own choice, but by hers.

You might think “Why would I perform that, ns really desire to be more than simply friends through her”. If she absolutely doesn’t reciprocate her feelings, you just need to move on… and also capitalize top top the possibility to hook increase with one of her friends!

You are in the perfect position to pull that off because you have earned the trust and social proof of her crush.

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Obtaining to know one of her friends is a item of cake indigenous here. Simply don’t finish up in the girlfriend zone again