An Odessa City room Parks & Recreation employee mows around the pool at Sherwood Park in preparation for next week"s opening day.

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Summer is nearly here, and also for those trying to beat the heat, an additional option will be available this weekend together Odessa Parks and also Recreation is opening their pools come the public.

The pools will all be opening at 1 p.m. Saturday, remaining open up until Aug. 4. All three pools and two spraygrounds will be open from 1 p.m. Come 7 p.m. Every day during that period, and also until 8 p.m. Top top Tuesday and Thursday.

Odessa Parks and also Recreation has actually pools at Sherwood Park, 4520 N. Dixie Blvd., Woodson Park, 1020 E. Murphy St., and Floyd Gwin Park in ~ 10th St. And West county Road. Over there are additionally two spraygrounds totally free and open up to the public at UTPB Park in ~ Highway 191 and East Loop 338 and also at McKinney Park, 625 W. Pool Rd.

The entry fee for the pools is $2.50 each for anyone in between the periods of 1 and 18, and $4 per every adult under 65. Anyone under 1 year old or over 65 can gain in because that free.

Not much has adjusted to any type of of the pools or spraygrounds this year, Parks and also Recreations manager Steve Patton said, but the City board of directors did approve a $30,000 increase to base procedure fees in ~ Sherwood and also Woodson household Aquatic Centers previously this year in ~ the inquiry of YMCA, who run the infrastructure for the city. They go this because of the pools operation at a loss because that the very first time last year. Patton said this was as result of the pools gift closed for numerous days during the critical season due to brief staff and bad weather.

Patton claimed he wasn’t certain if he supposed to see countless days off this year either, or if they to be still short-staffed, together YMCA operation the facilities. Joe Rosas, that runs the pools for YMCA, did no return a inquiry for comment.

The higher operations fees, going into greater pay because that lifeguards and management, space being paid for by elevating the rental rates. Sherwood and Woodson family members Aquatic Centers have the right to be rented after-hours because that $385 an hour, $85 an ext than last year, and also the UTPB Sprayground, which had no rental rate beforehand, deserve to now it is in rented because that $235 an hour.

There room cheaper options as well, Patton said. Family members or groups can rent a shaded structure for $10 an hour during public pool hrs at Sherwood and also Woodson family Aquatic Centers.

Anyone interested in functioning at the pools because that the summer, together a lifeguard, cashier, assistant manager or manager, can call YMCA at 432-362-4301.

Parks and Recreation has actually two swimming pool parties plan this summer as well. The an initial will be held from 5 p.m. To 8 p.m. July 12 at Woodson Aquatic Center, through prizes, contests, dancing, free watermelon and a cost-free movie to clock while in the pool. The second party will be hosted from 5 to 8 p.m. July 19 at Sherwood Aquatic Center

There will certainly be many more opportunities for cost-free movies to watch this summer, together Parks and Recreation will be hosting movies in the Park every other Friday at various parks. The following showing will be the Christopher Robin in ~ 8:30 might 31 at UTPB Park.

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Downtown Odessa will likewise be hosting warm Summer Nights this summer, a weekly concert series starting in ~ 8 p.m. June 7 and also every Friday, conserve the week of July 4, v Aug. 9 in ~ Noel legacy Plaza, 301 W. 5th St. The music lineups for the events has no been announced yet, yet the cost-free outdoor concert series promises music, children’s activities and neighborhood food trucks.More info is available about the events Parks and Recreation will have going ~ above this summer at odessatxparks.org.