The Chicago rapper said the actor is “one of the best freestylists of all time. . .I mean, like, period.”

According to Chance The Rapper, Shia LaBeouf is one of the best freestyle rappers of all time.

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During his recent appearance on Complex’s Hot Ones, the Chicago rapper said that LaBeouf “is one of the best freestylists of all time. . .I mean, like, period.”

“He’s fire. He can put ’em together,” Chance added.

The comment came about as Chance and Hot Ones host Sean Evans discussed LaBeouf’s own appearance on the Complex show.

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LaBeouf has shown his rapping abilities before. Three years ago he appeared on Sway In The Morning and offered a stunning freestyle. He also did an interview with Sway where he spoke about growing up listening to Wreckx-n-Effect, Heavy D and 2Pac, and falling in love with hip-hop culture growing up, admitting that hip-hop was a passion before acting was. He also spoke about his close friendship with the late Definitive Jux rapper/producer Camu Tao, and how Camu “walked (him) through hip-hop.”

Elsewhere during Chance The Rapper’s Hot Ones appearance, he offered his thoughts on Kanye West’s Sunday Service events.

“I think it’s slightly more important because it’s doing what we’re supposed to do which is shouting praise,” he said. “Seeing Kanye get all these people together and reveal these songs of worship that have been around forever to people that may not know them, it’s an important thing and I think it’s supposed to be happening right now.”

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