Remember the iconic song “Be a Star” from the 2000 Disney Channel movie Life-Size? Well, it just got a 2018 makeover in respect of Life-Size 2!

Tyra Banks, that takes ~ above the role of night in both the original film and also the upcoming sequel, goes full-on trap queen in the music video clip for the “Be a Star 2″ remix, exit on Friday (November 16).

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The visual preserves the iconic dance moves and also positive post from the original song, yet there is additionally rapping and also tons of various outfit changes.

“We’re walking for club banger together opposed to nursery school rhyme this time!” Tyra told EW.

Life-Size 2 premieres on December 2 at 9 p.m. ~ above Freeform. (Watch the trailer here.)

Watch the “Be a Star 2″ music video clip below! girlfriend can also download that on iTunes.

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Tyra banks ft. Brand-new Fear’s eve – it is in A Star 2 (Official Video) | Life-Size 2
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