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There will no longer be a pair of shoes on a Shoestring shop serving Albuquerque.

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The regional footwear warehouse is closing its West Side place at 9311 Coors NW. Owner Dave Riddle stated the exact day is unknown and depends on how long it takes come liquidate the inventory.

The closure will leave pair of shoes on a Shoestring with only its flagship keep at 7200 Montgomery NE.

Riddle claimed a absence of store traffic motivated him come shut the West side store. There room no plans come reopen it elsewhere.

“It’s no a very great location because that us,” he said of the store, located in the same Coors/Paseo del Norte shopping facility as Target and Ross.

Shoes ~ above a Shoestring moved right into that space in 2014 after around a decade on the outskirts of Cottonwood Mall. Riddle stated the ahead West Side ar was an ext noticeable than the current spot, and also customers did not seem to follow the store as soon as it moved.

The Montgomery store, however, will remain open and boasts what the calls “a really strong following.”

Riddle walk not point to last fall’s Albuquerque arrival of DSW — the Designer shoes Warehouse chain — as a contributing factor to his company’s downsizing. Yet he claimed he feel Albuquerque had end up being “over-retailed” v the last couple of years’ of development, especially since consumers have actually increasingly turn to digital shopping.

More and more retail sales occur online. E-commerce represented 8.4 percent that all retail sales in seasonally adjusted third quarter 2016 data native the U.S. Census Bureau. That’s up from 7.4 percent because that the same period in 2015.

Macy’s cited declining store website traffic in its notice last week that it would certainly close 68 stores approximately the U.S. – consisting of its location at Cottonwood shopping mall in Albuquerque.

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