Kill Her

If you decide to death her, you will fight v her and also you will have the ability to get the Succubus mutagen which girlfriend only have actually 2 possibilities to obtain in the game.

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Spare Her

If you decide to preventive her, she will certainly still offer you the Succubus trophy and also you will certainly still obtain rewarded by the Novigrad Guard.

Best Choice

The best selection here is to death the Succubus in order to acquire the Succubus mutagen.

Contract: fatal Delights Tips and also Strategies

Questing Tips

Succubus Mutagen

This pursuit is the among the two only chances that you can acquire a Succubus mutagen in the totality game. If you decision to preventive the succubus then the just other chance to gain a Succubus mutagen is on the quest Practicum in advanced Alchemy.

Combat Strategies

Succubus use the Axii or Aard indicators to interrupt her spell casting and give yourself an opened to attack. Litter Dimeritium bombs to avoid her native using few of her spells.

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Succubus Weaknesses and Loot

Is Contract: deadly Delights worth It?

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No. Pursuit TitleLocationSugg. Level
- Contract: The Oxenfurt Drunk Oxenfurt26
- Contract: The White Lady FarcornersDrahim Castle16
- Contract: Dragon Fyresdal28
- Contract: below Comes the Groom Cave south of Old Watchtower19
- Contract: absent Miners Blandare27
- Contract: missing Son RannvaigKaer Nyssen29
- Contract: Muire D"yaeblen Kaer Trolde18
- Contract: Skellige"s many Wanted Fyresdal29
- Contract: strange Beast Larvik16
- Contract: The Phantom of Eldberg Eldberg Lighthouse17
- In the love of the Woods Fayrlund22
- Contract: evil one by the fine South of the Border Post2
- Contract: Jenny o" the Woods Inn at the CrossroadsBlackboughCrow"s PerchLindenvale10
- Contract: lacking Brother Inn in ~ the Crossroads33
- Contract: Mysterious tracks Lindenvale20
- Contract: Patrol Gone absent West the Mulbrydale7
- Contract: Phantom that the Trade course Benek23
- Contract: Shrieker Crow"s Perch8
- Contract: Swamp point Between Crow"s Perch and also Boatmakers" Hut12
- Contract: The Beast the Honorton Abandoned website north the Condyle25
- Contract: The Griffin native the Highlands Hangman"s Alley24
- Contract: The funny Widow Lindenvale10
- Contract: The mystery of the Byways murders Byways22
- Contract: backwoods Beast Bandit camp northwest of Inn at the Crossroads6
- Contract: one Elusive thef The BitsFarcorners13
- Contract: fatal Delights HarborsideCrippled Kate"s15
- Contract: Doors Slamming closeup of the door Moldavie Residence24
- Contract: lord of the timber Loggers" HutHotsch Woods25
- Contract: The Apiarian Phantom Honeyfill Meadworks14
- Contract: The biology from Oxenfurt woodland Camp east-southeast of the Herbalist"s Hut35

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