With 4 wives and 18 children, the Sister Wives household tree is a totality gigantic mess. And not just since of the whole 18 kids thing (geez, clock out, Duggars).

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Not only do Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, Christine Brown and Robyn Brown every have kids with husband Kody Brown, but add some extra marriages and divorces right into the mix and things start to gain really confusing. Simply take a emergence at how heavy and convoluted every branch the the Brown household tree is below.


Meri is the OG wife and also originally to be the just one legitimate married to Kody (with the other unions being just “spiritual” in nature). However, the pair technically divorce in 2014 so Kody could legally get married Robyn and adopt her three children (don’t worry, we’ll acquire to that). After gaining dethroned favor that, we kind of obtain the entirety catfishing scandal Meri walk through.

Anyway, Kody and also Meri’s only child is Mariah Brown. An out-and-proud lesbian, her coming out wasn’t at first well-received by her mother. Yet these work it appears Meri and also the entirety family is really accepting that Mariah’s super cute partnership with fiancée Audrey Kriss.

Kody and Janelle Brown’s family members Tree


Oooooooh boy. Logan Brown is the earliest child in the Brown family and also engaged to girlfriend Michelle Petty.

Then yes sir Madison Brown, additionally known together Maddie. She is the 2nd oldest boy of Kody’s second-longest mam but she was the an initial of his children to obtain married. Plus, she and also her husband, Caleb Brush, invited the first Brown grandbaby, Axel, in might 2017. Then, in august 2019, the couple had their second child and the following grandbaby in the huge family — Evangalynn ‘Evie’ Kodi Brush.

Hunter Brown and Garrison Brown came next, and they were both interested in army work — lock became component of the air Force and also National Guard, respectively. And small Savanah? She’s nearly grown up now.

Kody and Christine Brown’s family Tree


Christine certainly worked difficult not to it is in outdone by Janelle’s substantial family.

Her earliest daughter, Aspyn Brown, is married come Mitch Thompson. Mykelti Brown, her second daughter, tied the node with Tony Padron in 2016. In September 2020, Mykelti and Tony announced they to be pregnant and expecting baby No. 1, i beg your pardon is Kody’s 3rd grandchild. They invited a daughter called Avalon Asa in April 2021.

From over there we have Paedon, Ysabel, Gwendlyn and small Truely Brown, who birth was featured in the an initial season the the TLC series.

Kody and also Robyn Brown’s family members Tree


Before conference Kody, Robyn to be married to a male named David Jessop. Together, they share Dayton, Aurora and also Breanna, who have been legally embraced by Kody. After they obtained married, Kody and Robyn had actually two kids — Solomon and Ariella.

While it seems like the Browns have wrapped up having actually children, never ever say never! Robyn as soon as said she and Kody space “open to God’s inspiration” once it involves having an ext kids, therefore anything could happen. Plus, there space sure come be much more second next-generation baby Browns in the future. Keep watching, Sister Wives fans!

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