By Sara G. Stephens

“Sleeping Beauty and Her Winter Knight” tells the story that Princess Aurora, who is cursed through an evil fairy, Carabosse, and of the handsome Prince who is top top a pursuit to conserve his resting Beauty before it’s also late. One updated version of the standard Grimm fairytale, in the layout of a classic British family members Panto, the show is a singing and soaring winter adventure that functions family-friendly magic, through a comedic twist; dance (with “So friend Think You deserve to Dance” alumni); a live pony; communication with the audience and modern-day music from Jessie J’s “Domino” to John Legend’s “All that Me;” Pharrell Williams “Happy” come Survivor’s “Eye the The Tiger;” and more.

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The show, which is gift by Theatre Under The Stars (TUTS) and also Lythgoe family Panto, is jam-packed through stars the television, film, and also stage, including Broadway and also “Seinfeld” star John O’Hurley as “The King of Houston;” star of Disney’s Teen beach Movie, Garrett Clayton, as “The Prince of river Oaks;” star that Disney’s “Best friend Whenever,” Lauren Taylor, as “Princess Aurora;” American Idol’s Vonzell Solomon as “The good Fairy;”from “Henry Danger” ~ above Nickelodeon, Ben Giroux as “Silly Billy,” and from the National Tour that “Happy Days,” Jeff Sumner as “Nanny Tickle.”

The Houston production of “Sleeping Beauty and her Winter Knight” also feature regional actors indigenous the Humphrey’s college of musical Theatre, including the unstoppable Sean Graul, who previous TUTS performances incorporate “Mary Poppins”(Michael Banks) and also “Freaky Friday” (Fletcher).

I interviewed Lauren Taylor and Sean Graul so our Houston readers could meet few of the glittering artist behind this unique production, a must-see for any Houston family.

“Sleeping Beauty and Her Winter Knight” is showing at The understanding Center’s Theatre Under the Stars currently through December 24. Because that tickets, visit

Lauren Taylor

Lauren Taylor plays Princess Aurora in TUTS’ manufacturing of “Sleeping Beauty and also Her Winter Knight,” playing now through December 24 at The understand Center.

To the casual observer, it would certainly seem that your exhilaration career took turn off seemingly overnight. But prior to you showed up before the American public together an actor, you already had an exceptional singing career. At what age did you begin singing and also how did you evolve from singing in the shower head or for the family to opened for Wilson Phillips in ~ the period of 14?

From what mine mom has told me, I’ve been singing all work every day since I to be a baby. Music has always been in mine head and in my blood, so that made it very easy to emphasis on. Cultivation up, i joined noþeles I might to acquire closer to music and acting consisting of choir, theatre camps, and also singing in restaurants. Eventually, I gained scouted by industry professionals and also was granted the wonderful possibility to open for people like Wilson Phillips, Michael Bolton, and Vanessa Williams!

What triggered your move to the world of acting?I love both acting and also singing, therefore being associated in music theatre has been an incredible medium to explore both. I also think the additional I acquired in music, the much more I craved another an imaginative outlet to put time into.

In 2014 friend were cast as Holly, the lead function in the Disney Channel pilot, “Fairest that the Mall.” What walk you learn from the experience?The shift from theatre to movie was an extremely interesting for me. The most valuable thing ns learned native that project was understanding just how my acting procedure differs from theatre come television and film. Though they’re both acting roles, the rehearsal process and the method I develop my character has actually been vastly different for me.

The complying with year, girlfriend were cast in the Netflix series, “Richie Rich” as Harper Rich, Richie’s larger sister. Go you draw at every from your own sibling relationship to develop this character?I absolutely drew indigenous prior experience with mine brothers. I’m the youngest in mine family, for this reason the character’s childhood wasn’t parallel come mine, yet it was certainly easy to relate to Harper and all of the difficulties, but also all of the love the comes with having siblings.

From 2015-2016, you take it the co-lead duty of Shelby in “Best friends Whenever.” In the show, her character and also her best friend are offered the ability to take trip in time. If you can travel in time, to what past and also future times would certainly you travel and why?

Well, considering The coast Boys space my favourite musicians, I would certainly love to travel to the 60s to watch them perform in their prime. I’ve seen Brian Wilson a variety of times and can just imagine just how incredible every one of them were together.

Your co-star in “Best girlfriend Whenever” additionally worked ~ above the Disney Channel pilot, “Fairest the the Mall.” those it like working for Disney, wherein it seems that numerous of the various shows’ actors know each other and also invariably finish of working together in some capacity? Is that a friendly, casual environment? can it be competitive? execute you befriend your fellow actors?

Some world in the industry deserve to get an extremely competitive, yes, however usually the competitive nature commonly stems indigenous a location of passion. I have the right to say that our resting Beauty cast is extremely wonderful and also we are all finest friends who really perform love each other. Periodically you get that in your cast and also sometimes girlfriend don’t, however regardless, there’s always fun to be had.

“Best friend Whenever” ended in December 2016 after 2 seasons. Come what non-acting experience would you compare the endure of a show’s ending? What types of emotions carry out you encounter and how carry out you work through them?

It was type of favor graduating high school. Girlfriend went in every day, functioned your hardest in the direction of your craft, and now you’re released right into the world to cultivate and expand top top it also more.

Now you will play the role of Princess Aurora in “Sleeping Beauty and also Her Winter Knight.” just how does it feeling to be playing such a beloved role? Tell united state a tiny about how you became cast.It’s such an honor to be able to play such a beloved role and there have been wonderful adjustments made that empower Aurora and her story an ext than the initial did. What I also love around Panto is that it’s do the story both interactive and modernized with contemporary songs and dialogue, for this reason it’s relatable for the entirety family.

How go you take care of the change from film to stage?Having switched back and forth between stage and also film acting for many of mine life, I’ve end up being pretty accustomed to it, however the first couple of times that was reasonably difficult, as there room a variety of differences. In television and also film, you have a variety of opportunities to obtain a scene right and you only focus on one step at a time, vice versa, theatre bring away much much more preparation and you rely on a constant flow of energy. Both space wonderful, yet it is pretty to be able to interact through the viewers and physically see just how your job-related affects every person.

This particular rendition of resting Beauty bring away a modern twist ~ above the standard fairy tale. Without giving away too much, have the right to you tell united state what makes the display modern?

The present is an interactive endure that incorporates both modern-day pop song and modern jokes. The present has also been catered to its location and also has numerous references and also jokes pertaining to Houston!

The present is set to a fantastic contemporary score special the music of together greats as Blondie, Bruno Mars, john Legend, Katy Perry, and Pharrell Williams. Carry out you have actually a favorite song from the production?

My favourite number is Garrett’s performance of “Eye the the Tiger.” Garrett has actually an astounding voice and the dancers have been integrated into the number in such a gorgeous way!

Let’s talk a little more about the cast. You share the phase with some remarkable talent: john O’Hurley, Debbie Gravitte, Garrett Clayton, to name a few. Through which actor(s) did friend bond particularly well? From who did you find out the most?I think I’ve bonded incredibly well through each and also every one, but, I’ve absolutely bonded with Garrett and also Ben in a really special way because i think we deserve to relate to each various other as young professionals and our personalities click therefore wonderfully! I’ve learned something brand-new from each person in the cast and also I’ve to be able to expand on mine abilities in together a safe environment.

There is so much background in the entertainment industry of boy actors who struggle to keep themselves emotionally once they discover themselves in the limelight at such a young age. Girlfriend are now 19–how have you managed yourself in this regard?

I think the most crucial thing is come remember who you are and remember no to pour your entirety self right into your job. It’s crucial to preserve a an excellent circle of friends and also family, and other interests and hobbies. Points will constantly come and also go and come ago again, for this reason it’s important to remember what yes, really matters. For instance, I’m tho going to college and also spending time through the very same friends I’ve had for several years.

Your parents and family have to be dazzling to watch you enjoying such success. How have actually they sustained you in your career?My friends and also my mom specifically have to be very crucial in helping me grow both as a person and as a professional. My mom has actually been such a wonderful assistance to me in my career by constantly encouraging me and taking me to numerous theatre programs, exhilaration classes, and, eventually, auditions.

What advice do you have actually for boy or young human who desires to go after a career in acting? any type of advice for their parents?Something ns constantly conference is civilization who love the idea of being in the industry, but not the art of acting, itself. Therefore, my ideal advice is come make sure you love the arts of acting, together the sector is not almost as glamorous together it looks and also it takes a many blood, sweat, and tears to do a great show on stage or top top television. One point I was told by Michael Bolton when I had the chance of opened for him to be “work your hardest and also the finest will rise to the top.” That has actually rung true because that me throughout my career. Don’t worry around the details and also focus on what you love.

Sean Graul

Sean Graul is a student at the Humphreys school of music Theatre, and also is performing in TUTS’ production of “Sleeping Beauty and also Her Winter Knight,” playing currently through December 24 in ~ The hobby Center.

Describe the beginnings of your acting career–how old were you as soon as you “caught the acting bug,” and how/when go you decide to pursue it through training at Humphrey’s college of music Theatre?

When i was nine, I experienced the production of “The tiny Mermaid” and also fell in love v it. ~ that, ns dreamt that performing ~ above the stage. I would view every display both mine cousin and best girlfriend were in and wanted to it is in them. Shortly I uncovered confidence in myself to go further and also convinced my mommy to let me do it for this reason then i signed up for the non-audition classes at TUTS. Best after that, i auditioned for the Academy and also then auditioned because that my first shows only after being there a few months. I remained in three key stage reflects in one year and also have never had such a funny run.

How does your family feel around your exhilaration pursuits? just how do they assistance you in what have to be a an extremely time-consuming and demanding interest?Having any kind of child an any kind of sport or external of school activity is rough yet a theatre child is a fully different story. Not only is the child working there tails turn off day after day at college or in rehearsals or house Work or memorizing lines, yet your parents room doing a ton too. My mommy is in she van an ext than she is in ~ home. I am just so blessed that my family is therefore supportive around what ns do and are constantly willing to help me succeed.

How does school fit right into your HSMT schedule?So long as my grades stay up, my teachers seem to work-related with me. My school has been flexible. Mine directors have been flexible. TUTS needs a lot, but they believe in education. Think of how numerous bios you review in playbills and also the amazing places actors have studied. Institution is important.You were cast in two of my pure favorite TUTS productions. In mar Poppins, you played Michael Banks, and also in FreakyFriday, you play Fletcher. I m sorry of these functions did you enjoy more, and also why?Both mirrors were exceptional, i loved “Freaky Friday” since it mine “first job” at the Alley, yet I additionally liked “Mary Poppins” since I obtained to occupational with Linda who directed “Mary Poppins” and also now “Sleeping Beauty”. Both shows were completely different, and I’ve gotta say both room my top three favorite mirrors I’ve excellent so far. I guess i will certainly say play Michael Banks, who is just one of two that carries the show, was definitely an easier task 보다 being Fletcher.

Now you space working in another large TUTS production, “Sleeping Beauty and Her Winter Knight.” tell us around the character you are playing.I am playing Marlin, which was a name I made up for my personality a pair weeks in. Ns am part of the children’s ensemble, so us aren’t the principles, however instead we are whatever from dancing guys wearing white tights and also shiny tops to mice and also foxes. Over there is so much to love about what ns doing in this show.

This production is defined as having actually a contemporary twist on the classic fairytale. There have actually been several renditions the the fairy tale (the initial Disney animated movie, “Sleeping Beauty;” the an ext recent “Maleficent,” for example). Which translate of the fairy tale carry out you prefer best and why?I love how they added NANNY TICKLE and also SILLY BILLY! They space hilarious and a good addition come the show! their characters bring the story, which makes it an extremely different from any other variation of sleeping Beauty.

What’s your favorite music number in the show?“Sit quiet Look Pretty!” ns play a mouse in that one! 

Who is her favorite character in the show?Nanny Tickle! She (He- haha!) is hilarious!

From which actor did you learn the most, and with which gibbs did you have actually the many fun?Our assistant choreographer MiMi has taught me for this reason much about movement, and although she can not be an actor in the show, she still teach me the most on having actually confidence and also power in her movement.

Two of your fellow cast members, Garrett Clayton (“Teen coast Movie”) and also Lauren Taylor (“Best girlfriend Whenever”), have actually enjoyed early acting career successes in film and also television. Perform you watch your career acquisition this turn, or would certainly you favor to proceed on together a phase actor?I think every child dreams of gift on TV- I know I do! especially when you have stars like Millie Bobby Brown and such. Yet I think every boy who desires should begin in the theatre since it teaches you skills that use to the stage and also film. I view myself going come UCLA or a college whereby film is huge but until then i’m sticking come theatre.

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Do you plan to proceed to plot professionally together an adult? What various other careers can interest you?I dream of coming to be a director… i have principles for Broadway. I want to produce a musical for the book A wrinkle In Time! If someone beats me to it, then I’ll audition for it.

How carry out you choose to invest your time in Houston as soon as you space not on stage or rehearsing because that a role?I am a big fan the downtime on my MacBook, speak bikes everywhere the ar with my school friends, and taking classes in ~ the Academy which ns like. Mine TUTS friend are some of my ideal friends!!