Snoop Dogg is throwing under in a rap duo with Bubbles that the Trailer Park guys in holy bible Hill, N.S., top top Thursday.

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Snoop Dogg is throwing down in a rap duo with bubbles of the Trailer Park Boys in scriptures Hill, N.S., on Thursday.

While balloon (aka gibbs Mike Smith) is finest known because that dropping rhymes around cats, and Snoop around gin and also juice, the 2 apparently uncovered enough typical ground to collaborate during filming for an upcoming season that the TV show.

In fact, in the fictional world of the Trailer Park Boys, the two are cousins. 

"I'm having actually fun," Snoop Dogg said. "This is one of the biggest shows ever before created. It's full of fun. It fits me to a T."

The rapper has been in town for a few days and also said he's enjoying scriptures Hill and nearby Truro.

"Oh i love it, every moment," he said.

He mutual a picture of himself reading the script. 

Despite being family, Bubbles seemed a tiny star-struck.

"I can be throw down v Snoop Dogg tonight. Don't desire to brag or anything," he said, staying in character.

"It's just unbelievable. Nothing like this ever before happens in Sunnyvale. Tom Arnold, Doug Benson, Jimmy Kimmel is walking to be on. It's crazy."

Yup: for its tenth season, Trailer Park boys has booked unique guest appearances from actor Tom Arnold, comic Doug Benson and talk show host Jimmy Kimmel.

Fans that the show and the lab legend turned up hoping to record a glimpse. Ben Baker decked himself out head-to-toe in a marijuana-inspired outfit.

"I'm seeing Snoop Dogg. I've got to look at the part," the said.

Tom Arnold a 'super fan' of the show couldn't film the yes, really shoot, lest us let loosened the plot, yet we have the right to tell friend Snoop Dogg's scene involves drugs, alcohol, and also a bar. They're shooting in a Legion hall tonight.

Dozens of civilization gathered along the street city hall the activity on set, a few even setting up lawn chairs outside Snoop's trailer. 

Arnold, who once acted ~ above the 1990s sitcom Roseanne, claimed it to be a large day for him.

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"I'm a super pan of this show. I've been a fan for ten years. World like Jimmy Kimmel watch the show. Snoop is a super fan too. He's a girlfriend of mine. To fulfill here in Sunnyvale," that said.

"Honestly I've remained in 130 movies and this is among the biggest things I've ever before done. For sure. Perhaps the ideal thing I've ever done." 

Arnold posted a short video clip of the cars supplied in the scene, and caught Snoop Dogg emerging in a cloud of exhilaration from among the vehicles. 

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