The absolute Madman refers to a Facebook short article that shows an image of two boys who told their friend named Dean come lay down on the floor. The photo is frequently mocked by individuals for gift boastful over a straightforward feat and also has since spawn edits and fan art with other known instances from miscellaneous events, television mirrors and video games.

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Though the origin of the write-up itself is unknown, the faster known instance of the the post getting reposted showed up on might 27th, 2014 top top Funnyjunk, <1> when user superstephtime post in a compliation write-up titled "Cringe Comp" (shown below). As of January 2021, the compilation has gathered more than 1700 upvotes.

On the very same day, the standalone photo which was complied with by the Neil deGrasse Tyson Reaction picture was post on Cepcerk.<2>



On June 1st, 2014, Imgur <3> user TurtleThatCanStrut reposted the image and also as of January 2021, has gathered much more than 5,600 views. ~ above July 3rd, 2014, Reddit user hyug_5 post the image on /r/4chanMeta,<4> gaining over 861 points (99% upvoted) before being archived. ~ above October 22nd, 2014, Twitter <5> user Year 9 Banter tweeted the image, obtaining over 2,300 favorites and also 2,700 retweets before the account was suspended.

Fucking hell you just can"t control Dean pic.twitter.com/6IsSMmOayk

— Year 9 Banter (
Year9Banter) October 22, 2014

On may 28th, 2014, Funnyjunk<6> user CrushOrange upload an edited image that shows Dean in the fashion that a at sight Smash Bros 4 character announcement as a reply to the Cringe Comp post, obtaining over 450 upvote (shown below, left).<6> ~ above September 19th, 2014, Funnyjunk<7> user teranin posted a attracted image title "HAHAHA five wow!" which replaces the three people in the original with veteran numbers from Nintendo, getting over 12,000 see (shown below, right).

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John Lennon The absolute Madman


John Lennon The pure Madman is an offshoot of the absolute Madman meme, originating native a 4chan write-up parodying the original "Absolute Madman" post. On February 15th, 2015, the photo became linked with the phrase "absolute madman" in a thread about rare images of recording artists on 4chan"s /mu/ (music) board. Because then, the image has actually been described as "John Lennon the pure Madman." A article from September 24th stated the visibility of an unreleased Beatles track titled "Madman".