What to constantly Look out For

These are the most top tier rated white item that can really conserve your life, and even if they space what you’re walking for, you must still store a look out for them.

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Tougher Times-Best item hand down. Unbelievable defense capabilities. Cap at 10.

Lens Maker’s Glasses-Best starting point for critical healing. Lid at 9.

Soldier’s Syringe-Dexterity is always an excellent to increase, uneven you’re playing as someone favor Mercenary or Artificer. Lid at 10.

Topaz Brooch-Really helps v crowd control, since you’re constantly killing, therefor continuous gaining an ext shields every stack. Having actually 2 is great, however you shouldn’t go previous 5.

Old Guillotine-Obviously on the list, yet it will certainly be nerfed to environment-friendly in the next update. Hope get about 4.

Goat Hoof and also Energy Drink-Speed is the highest priority, for this reason these are really good as well. Only take 1 hoof, yet keep stacking those energy drinks if you have nothing better to do. (No Cap)

Cautious Slug-Very great source that regeneration early game, therefore they’re worth picking up. Fungus sux on everyone yet Engineer for this reason don’t pick those up v anyone else. Cap at 1 of each.

And v these in mind, we’re all set to move on to the randomness.

Speed Synergies

Speed items work well with characters like Commando, Mercenary, Huntress, and also Rex.

Following the “Dip in, reel back” strategy for personalities with short base health and wellness (Huntress) or short selection (Mercenary) to play with, rate just boosts the chance of survival. Below is a list of items come look out for as soon as you’re goal is movement speed:

Hoof/Drink+Red Whip-Sure, whip is quite terrible, however early game, this is great for strafing and traversing the field. This is intended to work with the “reel back” part of the strategy, whereby you fall earlier to regen and also dodge.

Hoof+Pauldron (If girlfriend can acquire a climbed buckler too, that helps a little.) due to the fact that Berserker’s Pauldron offers a boost of movespeed after killing 3 opponents at a time, it’s one of the ideal ways to change between the dip to reel, since it lasts for a couple of seconds. ~ above triggering the Pauldron, lay low till it where’s off, (Or shot to fight through it’s assault speed) then usage your hoof to get earlier in the fight (or reel to dip) and also deal some damage quicker, and also hopefully prevent those freaking lemurian fireballs.

Drink+Pauldron+Whip-Basically everything over combined. Yet this would certainly be an extremely mid game.

Defense Synergies

So, I’m simply gonna say this right now, DON’T perform THIS past ABYSSAL depths 1. Thanks.

Transcendence+Generators-If you have literally zero heal items, this is like a critical resort. If you deserve to avoid risk for a few seconds, then her shield will certainly instantly repair itself. PSG’s just include to the pool.

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Teddies+Slug(s)-Best chance to turning back RPG the crap outta ingredient is the teddy bears. Choose up 10, and also you acquired 60% opportunity to block incoming damage, and that (even 1) gives enough time for slug to juice HP the end of itself, meaning you have more time to think around stuff.


What’s that? strike speed and also strength? simply slap some Syringes and also Wisps together and also you got some pennies come spend. (not a develop guide remember)