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Shorthand (Shorthand personality chart)Yoon Jin-ah – JA | Seo Joon-hee – JH | Yoon Seung-ho – SH | Seo Kyung-sun – KS | Yoon Sang-ki – Dad | Kim Mi-yeon – mommy | Kim Seung-chul – SC | Lee Gyu-min – GM | Cho Kyung-sik – CEO | Nam Ho-gyun – HG | Jung Young-in – YI | Choi Jung-mo – JM | Gong Chul-gu – CG | Kang Se-young – SY | Gum Bo-ra – BR | Lee Yae-eun – YE | Kim Dong-woo – DW |

Airing Time: April 13th, 23:00 Seoul, tvNHow to Watch: Netflix! (From KDramaNews: something in the Rain will certainly be easily accessible on Netflix (Worldwide except Japan, Taiwan, America, Canada) on 13th. They’ll it is in releasing a complete of 4 Eps for this main & 2 Eps every Friday because that the upcoming weeks. Meanwhile, it’ll be obtainable in America & Canada starting from may 26)Countdown: AIRING! …check twitter because that updates.

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PRETTY NOONA who BUYS ME FOOD LIVE RECAP illustration 5—————–#1OPENINGJA rings on JH’s bell. He opens up it best away. He speak her, friend came? and also she says, friend told me come come. He pulls she inside and also gives she a large hug. He speak her that he missed she so much, she states me too. He speak her, let’s go in.

he pulls her by the hand a tiny bit and then asks she if she would prefer coffee. She states yes. He marvels what is wrong, the is not her first time come visit, just do what you have actually done before.

She says, have to I? Okay, then provide me a deliecious coffee. He speak her, that’s better. She relaxes yet then he claims that she is thinking about it again.

JA tells him the she closed she eyes and also ran by his sister place. As soon as we were small , we did a many things forbidden. The kisses she quickly and asks she if it was something choose this? She says he scared her.

then he leans in and also gives her a very long kiss together she sit at his counter.

PARENTSthe parents and Sh sit to eat. They talk about JA briefly but then they acquire to eating. Umma says SH is the just star in the family, allows go shopping or whatever. He states he will go out through JH. The mom says something around games but the girlfriend defends JH and says the you have to be clever to do games. However the Umma simply says the JH isn’t prefer him, that should satisfy someone the can assist him insociety, you must prepare because that that. However the son is annoyed and leaevs the table. The appa pipeline as well. She states that it doesnt’ sound an excellent now, yet eventually they will recognize that that is the truth.

KISSINGback at the apartment, JA and also JH space still kissing. Over there is a phone call however they overlook it. But JA it s okay it and jumps when she sees the it is KS. The doesn’t desire her to take it it, however she does and tries to discover a an excellent place come answer. She runs outside and looks around. Climate she runs to the street and looks around. But then she runs down the street and also to a tiny park sit area.

She tries to sit close to the plants and also answers the phone. KS marvels what she is doing and JA says she was just talking to a colleague as she awkwardly sit on the bench. KS simply wanted to show her the sea. They talk a little bit and also KS asks her where she is, that looks familiar. JA claims it is simply a park. KA asks her if she has actually something walking on v a man, however JA tries come play that off, no no…they speak goodbye and JA lastly relaxes.

She rubs she feet and sighs. Then we check out her ago at the apartment. She looks therefore tired and also her socks room all dirty. The laughs and also tells her the she functioned hard.

Cut come them both eat pizza and drinking wine while watching a movie. JA think the people on the movie look at awkward. They start to talk around the two civilization on the move and how they space acting. JH says it is tough to describe how the male is behaving. JH speak JA the he tells she nonono, yet she keeps asking him again. She speak him to listen to her, this is noona. But he claims that she is his girlfriend. That asks her if she wants him come be she dongsang.

He tells her to look at him. She says, i don’t want to. He says he desires to view her and he wants to hug she (also indicates that he wants to have actually her). She gets nervous and also he drinks all his wine. She puts she drink down and stands up and also walks off somewhere.

He looks in ~ her and also wonders what she is doing. He nearly looked really nervous. The camera scrolls away, then we see two human being in bed and also the music plays, “sometimes it’s hard to it is in a woman…”

He is in bed and also takes off his shirt, he goes under the covers and tries come kiss her, however we don’t watch anything other than covers relocating around.

The movie theatre in the backgroun (Something int he rain?) and also we watch them do love on the bed in the background.—————–#2The movie ended and there is no signal ~ above the TV. The consist of aren’t moving about anymore. Climate we reduced to them cuddling in bed together he operation his hands over she face.

JH – i feel favor it isn’t true the this pretty woman is in former of me.JA – currently it is realJH – girlfriend can’t be serious for also 5 minutesJA – becase ns am embarrassedJH – why room you embarrassed? We witnessed everything….can’t you not go residence today?

HOMEJA it s okay home and also tells her parents to go to the bedroom and sleep. They had actually fallen sleep in the life room. Castle both wake up up and slowly begin to gain up and also stumble to their bedroom. They had actually drank also much and also talk about drinking too much. JA almost shoos them right into their room. Climate she runs turn off to she room.

She lays in bed under the covers and waits. She checks her phone and also waits part more. Then she it s okay up. She is fully dressed under the covers! Lol. For this reason she starts come sneak out of the house……she renders it!

She it s okay to the front and also runs external jumping and smiling around. JH is there wait on she so lock grab hands and run off together. They go to his place and also play Hwatu (Korean card game). But it looks like JA loses. JH wins yet he was bluffing.

They playfully wrestle as a beer bottole rolls, but then they begin to kiss again.

Cut to her back hugging him together he renders coffee in the kitchen. Then he transforms around and also picks her up. The kisses her together he dead her and also they walk around the kitchen favor that together they kiss and also hug. That walks with her v the living room prefer that and spins her about as they store kissing. Then he takes she to the bedroom again and lays on height of her as he renders funny kissing encounters to her.

then she lays on height of him together she looks in ~ him and also smiles. He runs his hand over she hair as they begin kissing again. Climate they acquire serious a they save kissing.

After all their fun, castle go earlier to her location hand in hand. She kisses him and also puts in she password if they room still holding hands. But then they finally have to let go. Lock wave and also walk backwards. However she comes ago out and also gives him a big hug and also a kiss. She needs to put she password in again and also goes inside. He says bye aain and also she giddily walks come the elevator as they call each various other bye taking leave over and also over again.

the elevator ultimately closes. But then it opens again and they both laugh, JA watch embarrassed, she was captured trying to clock him. He laughs as he tellsher to go upstairs and also he to walk off when the elevator door finally close.—————–#3HOMEJA sneaks in, however her appa is wake up already! She watch him and has to comprise some excuse as to why she to be out. She claims she go excercising. He tells she to walk out v him and let her recognize when she leaves.

WORKSY provides JA a highfive due to the fact that she F’ed CG on your trip and didn’t go dancing through him. Every the woman are happy the she did that and also they all joke about it. However then he comes in, Assistant chef Gong. That tells she to follow him.

She stands up and asks SY because that something. SY provides her part earplugs. SY claims she looks choose a entirely different person, what happened to her? the rather say, that is what ns am talking about. (they speak to her tambourine since she goes come norebang and also plays the tambourine)

In the meeting, JA tells them that she didn’t tell castle sorry. She doesnt’ recognize what wrong she made, she did every her work. Phone call me what i did in detail, what wrong did i make? HG claims he isn’t talking around that. JA states she did all her job as a supervisor, various other than that, that isn’t she job, is she not correct director? HG claims he isnt’ talking around work…when they get together…but they he yells at CG. Why did he take care of occupational like that? just eat in ~ lunch, why go you do it a large issue?

ROOFTOPJH and also his girlfriend talk about women. JH’s friend says proposals are basic to say, but no woman asks to eat together. Yet JH says that it operated for him. He should ask she to to buy dinner.

But then they see JA walking to the rooftop through CG. JH speak him friend to go down first. The friend tells JH not to mess with his noona’s work ar things.

But JH does, that goes appropriate up to CG and also JA and also asks for a light. Climate he says that she is noona, ah what space you doing here? CG leaves and also JH and JA talk, yet JA doesn’t hear anything since she has the earplugs in. They work really well! lock laugh around that.

They take the stair down and check to make certain no one is in them. They shoot the breeze a small about this handsome male protecting her. Climate they talk about KS. JA is going to see KS. JH will certainly go see KS also. But JA thinks KS will an alert things. They bet $50 top top if he deserve to act fine or not. They make it to JA’s floor and also JH kisses her as she opens up it. She says, in ~ work! however he just runs upstairs and also then looks earlier at her and also smiles.

COMMERCIAL BREAK—————–#4GROCERY STOREKS and JH walk to teh grocery store store and shop. KS wants to recognize if he checked out the countryside? JA went there on the same day. He says that the took her there. Why? for an idea, he wanted to walk to the sea and also JA noona said she was going there, so.. KS asks why the didn’t tell her. He tries come play the off and also laugh, yet he exhales difficult when she walks away.

APARTMENTJA and also JH go to KS’s apartment together. JH tries to kiss her at the door and also JH kicks him in the leg.

they every sit and also talk. JH says something mean around JA, like she has actually no manners. KS says he shouldnt’ speak that, they are like family. KS desires JH to accomplish a quite guy. She has someone in mind. A longtime customer. JH says, what about me? however KS says that he isn’t a man, the says, ns am not a woman! but JA corrects them and also says that she won’t day anyone now. KS states that she is going to be more proactive about JA’s date life.

JH leaves to the kitchen and also JA follows him. She speak him to provide her the money becasue the failed. He claims he was angry. SHe is all like, alraedy? but he talks around how he doesn’t desire her to see that guy. She is every like, ns am no seeing him? it is just talking. However he claims he hates that too! (he is serious). She laughs and also says the they need to be much better and no be swayed by small things. Castle hug and also she access time his ago and claims that he requirements to not be swayed by tiny things due to the fact that they have bigger things coming.

Brother and also sister go JA out. KS tells she to contact when seh it s okay home. They both go earlier to the building, however JH speak his sister that he will certainly go acquire some cigarrettes and walks off. Yet he hides alongside the building and wathces his sister go in.

JA starts talk to JH ~ above the phone if in the taxi. She basically says he is a negative actor. However then she says, where?

the taxi drops she off in ~ a location and also she speak JH the she gained out, where are you? space you coming?

Another taxi come up and he gets the end of that while ~ above the phone. That hangs up. She tells him the she is super pretty and should be cautious at night, why space you law this? he tells her that he just wanted to walk through her.

They to walk on the promenade hold hands. They obtain to the fence location. JH states that he want to have his very first kiss end there. JA asks who let you execute that? that says, not through you…. She gets a small mad. He tells her no to hit the anymore and she states that she hits him a lot…she will certainly make the strong.

They save walking, the takes she purse and puts his scarf top top her. Lock cuddle together they store walking along an underground walkway. In the awlkway, JA runs and hops top top JH’s back.

Then they walk drinking. The ajumma tells JA and also JH the they are so pretty. Then we view them talking and also eating. She drinks the soup, it looks really hot. She states it tastes for this reason good. He drinks it too and they smile. They are the only ones eat at this outdoor eating place.—————–#5MORNINGA flower shipment comes that says, Jin-ah i love you. Upstairs, anyone takes image of this flower arrangement. That says, sorry Jin-ah, you re welcome forgive me. This is a big scene.

Someone goes to JH’s offcie and says the there is large news. Coffee noona has actually a boyfriend. Over there are vast flowers that say, Jin-ah, i love you. Daebak. JH was standing up and starts to leave, his friend asks him wherein he is going.

COFFEE COMPANYTeh coffee company has a meeting through the franchise members. It adjourns and SY asks KS if they deserve to go the end together. She claims they can just drink team.

They go to the key offcie and see JH feather in with the window. She asks him why the is there and also mistakenly thinks that SY and also JH must be dating? however she states it is a joke. JH claims that he pertained to ask JA for a cup the coffeee, can you provide me a cup the coffee also? SY agrees immediately and lets him right into their offices.

Once inside, KS asks the why he is yes, really there. He says he forgot JA didnt walk to job-related today (she went to the franchise directly). 2 of the femal workers view JH and think that this have to be a setup by SY.

In the coffee room, JH sits with KS together SY offers them a coffee. SY is nice awkward. She tells KS the she is great with jokes however is a tiny uncomfortable v KS, probably they have to see each other more often. JH is in his winner world and excuses himself. KS gives SY a tip, don’t think JH is an easy person, the is not simple guy, execute you understand? SY looks approximately nervously and says she understands.

COFFEE SHOPJA paid for every the broken items at the coffee shop. Her and also the owner speak happily around that. YE is in ~ the coffee shop right currently too and also tells JA that she is really readjusted because she won’t go to the team meeting. She tells her the her boyfriend sent out a huge boquett and also that do a huge issue in the company. JA looks at it shocked and also asks YE if she has her car? She runs off.

JA drives her colleagues auto like a madwoman and also runs as much as the office. JH’s vehicle is gone. The flowers room gone together well.

JA check the CCTV in the defense office and also sees JH take it the flowers.—————–#6She tries to speak to him.

But JH is external somewhere waiting for the brother. He shows the brother the note and shows the the picture. The is a naked photo of the two of them together and smiling. It implies that they room naked. The brother crumples the up and also says the he will kill this guy.

COMPANYThey all need to go have dinner together a firm somewhere. CG provides sure that JA knows that she needs to be there. At the dinner, JA sits through the various other women. CG asks her to come to him, but she doens’t. YW says that she will perform it, however JA tells her to sit ago down. CG start talking around people not listening and also how the is no a team. However HG starts talking to him around how the team need to run. He speak them the everyone have to listen to your order.

YI speaks up and tells among the males to flip the meat. He operation over and starts flipping it. Then she asks him if he wants this kind of thing? Listening come the oder of the superior?

It is therefore awkward.

Afterwards, JA treis to run out. But she runs right into YI outside. YI tells her the she is interlocutor now. JA thanks her and YI thanks her as well. JA claims that she realized that she to be so bad, yet YI claims they additionally did too much. However YI also tells her that she is happy she realized it and also that she looks prettier now. JA smiles and runs off.

Cut to the brother and JH at GM’s apartment. They aren’t certain if that still lives there or not, however JH took him there as soon as he was drunk once. They go to the room and they say that they shouldnt’ hit him, or they wil it is in in trouble.

GM opens up the door and JH immediately grabs him and also throws that outside. Then he take away the flowers and also throws castle on him. That goes right into the apartment and locks GI outside.

then they walk to the computer and also see all the bed room pictures of JH on his computer.

GI gets within his ar again and tries to strike them. Sh is for this reason pissed and also punches him. JH kicks him and he drops to the ground. SH gets on peak of him and JH treis to rest the computer. He breaks it by hitting it number of times to rest the harddrive. Then he speak GM to call the cops and charge them and also he will also charge the with sex-related harrassment and also stalking.

COMMERCIAL BREAK—————–#7They storm out.

Jh and Sh both drive residence quietly. SH nirses his lip and also JH asks if the is okay. He claims it is simply a scratch. Sh asks JH around the sex-related harrassemnt. JH speak him that he visited the store and you recognize what happened. SH states they should go to the police. Yet JH states that he will take care of her. SH states that that is likewise busy. Ah…my sister…ah. JH speak him not to yell in ~ SH and also give she a the majority of stress. SH says world will think that he is the brother. Then he says, ah…yoon jin-ah….she is a trouble maker but….dating….ah.

JA goes come KS’s house. She isn’t home, so she sneak operation to JH’s place. She ring the bell and waits outside. That isn’t house though for this reason she place in the password and goes inside. The isn’t inside so she calls him.

JA – Oh, Kyung-sun, where are you?KS – drinking by myself (at home)…I will go steal part beer from Joon’s.

JA tries to hide together KS go to her brothers location to steal beer.

KS – What? simply speak louder…where space you calling from?JA – (hiding) ns am still in ~ work….KS – Work? Why perform you work-related all night, well, not just you, my brothers works, he constantly says he functions overngiht yet maybe that is date someone…haven’t friend realized the yet?…hello?…..hello?….Jin-ah?…..

JA hangs increase the phone and keeps hiding in the closet or where she is hiding. JH traction the vehicle over and calls her together well. She texts him a lot. Choose up the phone…pick up the phone….where are you…..I will go to her house…

He conveniently goes home and also runs into his house. He asks his sisters what she is law in his place. She states that she simply wants to drink that. He tells her to take it all and go ago to she place and sleep. Can’t I simply take this too? my brother? I will certainly kill friend tomorrow.

She leaves with him telling her goodbye. Then he looks around as the tries to discover JA. He looks under things and around things, finally he finds her in the closet. She is sit on the floor.

He tells she to comeout. However she beginning crying. That asks she what is wrong and also she claims that she can’t move because her legs have no blood in them. The pulls her over come him and also she wines, why did you come so late?

he apologizes and sits her up versus the closet.

Later, the aks her why she came there? She claims that she witnessed everything. What walk you execute with the flowers? he tells her the he threw themaway.

Why did you litter them away?Do you want to have them?

Yes, she really wanted to have them. Yet she understands it, she didn’t want him to watch it, the is much better for her to see it and then litter it away. Why didn’t you pick up my phone today?

He states that the was liven at work. She speak him come tell her first next time or she will certainly kill him and also get she revenge forever.

He speak her, are you going come hide in my closet again? You need to hang top top a hanger and then no one will an alert you.

he pulls she close and also tells she to come closer to him. Next time, dont’ stay prefer that, girlfriend looked for this reason pitiful. She claims that she didn’t have all over to hide. He tells her that he will certainly make it so she doesnt’ need to hide native anything…he will carry out it.—————–#8SNEAKING OUTShe sneaks the end of she plac eagain and also goes to his place. He ties her hair up in a bun, however it look at horrible. She watch in the mirror and asks what this is. Climate she put his bangs in a ponytail. They kiss and they go to the bed come lay around and play. Lock kiss each various other in bed and also hug and also roll roughly on the bed as they gain each rather company. They loss asleep choose that and also then they wake up up and look in ~ each other some more. That airplanes her through his feet and they kiss and laugh. She drops onto his chest laughing.

Cut to them cuddling together they sleep togeher. Yet she is startled as she look at the sunlight coming up. She’s late! She hurries to put on her pants and also clothes together she operation out. Then we view her sneaking ago inside her house. She slowly runs approximately quietly…quietly….she looks around the house and tiptoes pas the living room.

She it s okay to her bedroom, but appa is there!. He is simply sitting on she bed together she sneaks into her room and thinks she make it. Yet she hops once she sees her appa on her bed. The asks she if she walk to job-related out again? Yes…..

Appa tells she I, you…. JA bows to her appa and also says that she lied come him.

“Sometimes it’s hard to it is in a woman…”

Fade Out.—————–

VIDEO PREVIEW (one minute preview)JH – since you room so pretty, it makes me desire to phone call everyone. (I want to call everyone, ‘Yoon Jin-ah is therefore pretty’ )JA – I will be 40 soonJA – call me 10 reasons why you choose meJH – Just since you are Yoon Jin-ah, no various other reasonVO – (hiding in the car) civilization notice secret dating an ext (if you desire to hide the you space dating someone, then civilization will an alert it more)VO – perform you have anything you are hiding indigenous me? (Is miscellaneous bothering you?)YI – only the victim nows itVO – be careful? ns didn’t perform anything wrong.HG – ns don’t recognize what is going on.JH – Hey, what happened?JA – Joon-hee observed this?Mom – i think she is dating someoneVO – Really?JH – just how long have to we stay favor this?JA – Wait a little bit, simply a small bit later.

Extra preview translate into by Stroppyse ~ above SoompiJH: I’m dying because I desire to brag here, there, and everywhere, the Yoon Jin Ah is so pretty.JA: work after next, I’m walking to it is in 40. (me: JA is 35, but this is a means of saying that she’s nearly 40.)JA: phone call me simply 10 factors why you favor me.JH: Just due to the fact that you’re Yoon Jin Ah. There’s no other reason.Man: covertly dating can actually be much more obvious.CEO: walk Vice president Jung have something pricking her conscience together well?Jung: just the victim probably knows.Man: I’ll provide you a warning.Director: Why? What did i do? What’s walk on?JH: What is this? What happened?JA: This? You’re speak Joon Hee witnessed this?Mother: No, ns think she has actually someone.Woman: Really?JH: just how long execute we have to be prefer this? We have to just…JA: just a little. Simply a little longer.

TEXT PREVIEWAppa figured out that Jin-ah stays outside the residence often. She tells Appa come just provide her some time. Similarly, the much more they love every other, the less Joon-hee wants to hide the they space dating. Joon-hee and also Jin-ah walk to Gangwando ~ above a couples camping trip. But there is a suddenly snow autumn that traps them because that one night and two days. Later, Joon-hee hears indigenous Seung-ho the Jin-ah is at the police station. He rushes come the police station.

I’ll upgrade the Soompi translations later on today!

SCENESAll of this scenes are analyzed by Stroppyse ~ above Soompi. I just included them all below so we have the right to have them every in one location ^_^

Scene #1: The an initial time alone in his location after confirming their feelings towards each other.This scene is interpreted by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much!

JH: girlfriend came?JA: You stated to come.

JH: I wanted to view you so much I thought I was losing my mind.JA: Me, too.JH: Let’s walk in.JH: Coffee?JA: Yes.JH: Why are you being favor that? as if this is the very first time you’ve come here.JA: ns know.JH: simply do together you’ve constantly done.JA: shall I?JA: give me some delicious coffee. (me: she provides a demanding tone, talking down to him as if he to be her tiny brother, whereas she had actually been more tentative earlier)JH: That’s a little extreme.JH: You’re thinking around it again, aren’t you? even if it is we have the right to really it is in doing this?JA: In the hallway, so that i wouldn’t view Kyung Sun’s place, ns closed my eyes tightly and also came over.JH: Aigoo.JA: when you’re young, as soon as the parental weren’t home, you contact friends over and stuff, friend know? the felt favor that.JH: choose this?JA: girlfriend startled me.(JH kisses JA!)

Scene #2: almost busted through KS! JA needs to run somewhere wherein KS doesn’t recognize the ar in bespeak to talk to her over video clip chat.This scene is translated by Stroppyse top top Soompi. Thank you so much!

JA: It’s Kyung Sun.JH: Can’t you no answer it?JA: ns think it’s the second time she’s called.

KS: What have you to be doing?JA: top top the phone, with an office employee.KS: Ahh. I wanted to display you the sea. See. It’s beautiful, isn’t it?JA: Yes, it’s beautiful.KS: did something happen? friend sound a little off.JA: No. It’s due to the fact that you’ve unable to do to a pretty place, for this reason I’m envious.KS: us should have actually come together. Since your office is closed because that the day anyway. Right?JA: That’s true.KS: Where space you? room you outside? that looks familiar.JA: Oh. Ns was an alleged to accomplish someone, so I’m close to the office. It’s a park. A park.KS: Oh, room you meeting a man?JA: No. Unfortunately.KS: the course, it’s more than likely a woman. This unnie will only be away for one night, therefore don’t cry.JA: Yes, unnie.KS: I’ll speak to again.JA: Yes!

Scene #3: A move that defines their relationship.This step is analyzed by Stroppyse ~ above Soompi. Thank you therefore much!

JA: Why is that male so self-possessed?JH: He’s simply not mirroring it. He must be shaking so much.JA: The woman is for this reason nervous that she’s quivering from her eyes, and also doesn’t also know what to execute with her hands. But, no the man. It seems as if it’s simply the woman who likes him.JH: If that shows exactly how nervous he is, think of exactly how worried the woman would certainly be. He’s deliberately not showing it.JA: Then how does she know exactly how he feels. He has o say the words for her to know.JH: Why wouldn’t he want to to speak it? But…JA: but what?JH: With simply words, that doesn’t define everything.JA: You’re likewise slowly beginning to become worried, aren’t you?JH: This is why ns don’t to speak anything. What’s the suggest of speak something? I would certainly say no, however you asking again. Ns say no, and also you ask again. You re welcome obey me.JA: please obey me? how dare you it is in so disrespectful? To her noona?JH: You’re my girlfriend.JA: You always disarm me.JH: I simply spoke the truth. Why? would certainly you like that I have actually kept simply being your tiny brother?JH: Look in ~ me.JA: No. I’m city hall the movie.JH: I desire to check out Yoon Jin Ah.JH: I desire to hold her.JH: I desire to host her, Yoon Jin Ah, part more.

Scene #4: Pillow speak after their very first intimate night together.This step is interpreted by Stroppyse top top Soompi. Say thanks to you so much!

Pillow speak afterwards:JH: that feels choose a lie. The such a pretty mrs is in former of me. (she pinches his cheek) Owww.JA: it feels real now, doesn’t it?JH: you don’t know just how to be serious for 5 minutes.JA: It’s because I’m embarrassed.JH: What’s embarrassing? as soon as I’m currently seen every little thing to see.JA: Shee. You.JH: Couldn’t you no go home?

Scene #5: Cute moment in the apartment.This scene is analyzed by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you therefore much!

JA: What is this?JA:There’s nothing for me to take anyway.JA: I’m busted.JA: You! Really, this is cheating!JH: offer it back. Provide it back.JH: here it is.JA: just pretend that didn’t happen. Ah! I’m done.

Scene #6: They tell each various other “goodbye” and “go up” over and over again.

Scene #7: JH rescues JH from being reprimanded by she boss. Then they playfully chat about it in the stairwell together JH walks JA back to she floor.This scene is analyzed by Stroppyse ~ above Soompi. Give thanks to you so much!

Gong: Don’t just stand there, and say something. What’s her problem?JH: mine apologies, but may ns borrow her lighter?Gong: ns don’t acting cigarettes.JH: Oh, is the right? Thinking about it, I’ve actually quit smoking cigarettes as well. Oh, that is you, noona. What are you doing here?Gong: Anyway, do well. (leaves)JH: What was the about? What was the reason?JA: have you had actually lunch?JH: What’s wrong?JA: What did you say?JH: Why room you suddenly being like this?JA: Oh! Oh! (JH laughs together JA takes earplugs out.) Oh, these occupational so well! I entirely didn’t hear anything. What did he say? He was slimy, wasn’t he?JH: Geez.

JH: that pervert just now. Must I do it so the he can’t come near the office again? girlfriend can’t continue to simply take the from him.JA: who is walk to just take it from him? I’ve come to be so brave. I have the right to win end it all.JH: v earplugs?JA: No! due to the fact that some awesome guy is watching over me.JH: Ah. I guess I have some usefulness after all.JA: later on, I’m walk to go to Kyung Sun’s.JH: climate what perform I do?JA: She’s yes, really mad. I maintained pushing turn off our obtain togethers.JH: then I want to go together well.JA: What?JH: We have the right to just act well and it’ll be okay. Let’s bet. Winner gets 50,000 winner (about US$ 45).JA: Okay. Then you walk there first, and also I’ll get there later.JH: Oh, you’re currently getting your secret methods ready?JA: Go.(JH offers JA a peck.)JA: Oh, you’re crazy! in ~ the office!

Scene #8: Dinner with KS. JH it s okay upset at JA potentially dating who else.This scene is translated by Stroppyse top top Soompi. Thank you for this reason much!

JH: Is it sufficient for that to have actually a an excellent job, climate it could be me together well.KS: are you a man?JH: climate am i a woman?JA: Oh, it’s nothing much, so why room you being prefer this? Also, I have actually no think of conference anyone because that awhile.KS: Why?! because you were melted by Lee Gyu Min? Hey, that just method that you have actually to uncover a much better man.JA: ns know. Ns know, but just appropriate now, ns don’t have any thoughts the it. I’ll take care of it on my own.KS: Oh, together if friend could. This time, I’m walk to uncover someone because that you. Simply you wait.JH: (getting up) Aish.KS: Where are you going?JH: I’m going to gain beer.KS: Bring back a lot!JA: I’m going come go through him, and steal a lot.KS: Oh, our clever Jin Ah.

(in JH’s apartment)JA: 50,000 won. Why don’t you just tell her straight out? that we space in that type of a relationship.JH: It to be making me angry, therefore what can I do?JA: Already?! just over this?! And, climate you tell me to trust you?JH: That’s no the very same thing. Then is just staying quiet the best thing? as soon as my woman through a various man… just how am I supposed to watch my woman accomplish some other bastard?JA: did I meet anyone?! walk I also promise to meet anyone?! She’s just saying that. Simply talking.JH: ns don’t even like that!JA: (laughs in disbelief) perform you favor me the much?JH: Yes.JA: (hugs him) Seo Joon Hee-sshi. I trust you. And, I’m walk to keep trusting you. So, don’t it is in shaken by little things. Together befitting a professional. Okay?JH: Yes.JA: (hugs him, climate smacks him as well) simply you dare try that again, in front of Kyung Sun.JH: Okay.JA: Oh. Ns can’t live. (meaning she doesn’t recognize what to perform with him)

Scene #9: Cute secret dating scenes out.This scene is interpreted by Stroppyse ~ above Soompi. Give thanks to you so much!

Serving Lady: girlfriend two are so pretty!

(JA eats the noodles if JH city hall her)

JA: It’s as well delicious.

Scene #10: JA gets a huge bouquet of flowers. JH’s girlfriend tells him about it. He it s okay mad and goes down to watch it and runs into KS and SY.This scene is interpreted by Stroppyse on Soompi. Give thanks to you therefore much!

Flower ribbon: Jin Ah, i love you. I’m sorry. Forgive me.

DW: Love is expressing itself extravagantly.BR: therefore this is a full event for Yoon Jin Ah. What a disappointment.YE: Wow, Manager Yoon is walk to yes, really be happy. When will I ever before receive something like this?

(SC goes right into their office)SC: Yah, Seo Joon Hee. Totally huge news. You know the coffee firm noona downstairs? (at JH’s look) No, it’s just that you speak to her noona together well. Anyway, Manager Yoon has actually a boyfriend.JH: exactly how do you know that?SC: ns went downstairs, and…this big?… no, this big… a flower ostrich this large had been delivered, and also it said “Jin Ah, i love you”. Isn’t the awesome?(JH gets up and also leaves)SC: Yah. Yah, where are you going? Seo Joon Hee.

(Franchise owners training session)SY: It’s not just the kind that ns mentioned, due to the fact that it also contains the save performance records, therefore please evaluation it carefully. Also, when you begin using part-time labor, please make sure that they concerned the head office because that the proper training regime first. This is mandatory, for this reason please execute so.Everyone: Yes.SY: Then give thanks to you.Everyone: thank you.SY: If you have the time, please have lunch through me before you leave.KS: having a meal together is a bit much, yet let’s have a cup the tea together.SY: Yes.

(KS and SY come out of the elevator to watch JH peering right into Coffeebay offices)KS: Seo Joon HeeSY: HelloKS: What are you act here?JH: Huh? but why is noona here?KS: I concerned get part training, and also then Manager Kang asked me to have a cup that tea with her.JH: Ah.KS: walk the two of you plan this?SY: Yes? Oh! No, no at all! No, of course not. Not at all. No, we didn’t. I really had an chaste intent.KS: ns was make a joke, but you’re yes, really reacting come it. (to JH) Yah, how did you recognize that ns was going come come?JH: How could I know? i came under to questioning Jin Ah noona to get me a cup of coffee, yet I completely forgot the she doesn’t pertained to work right here right now. It would be okay if I likewise got a coffee through my noona, right?SY: the course. The course!

Scene #11: JA find out around the flowers and rushes earlier to the office.This scene is interpreted by Stroppyse ~ above Soompi. Thank you for this reason much!

JA: I’m no going come the room dinner.YE: Why? has Manager really changed?JA: What change? ns just have a front engagement.YE: climate I’m no going to go either.JA: It’s times choose this that ns should simply hit friend once. You’re simply a worrisome bother.YE: Anyway, you have to go ago to the office to get the flowers.JA: What flowers?YE: Oh, you haven’t watched it yet? I sent out you a picture. Oh, right. Girlfriend can’t use your phone in the store, can you? her boyfriend sent out a large flower bouquet.JA: Boyfriend?YE: It’s pretty, isn’t it? The various other staff to be in an uproar. See, he states he loves you.JA: You brought your car, didn’t you?YE: Car? Manager?

JA: where did you to speak it was?YE: It to be here.

Scene #12: JH and his friend SH face GM about the naked image of JAThis step is translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much!

SH: Why?

SH: He’s a crazy bastard, this guy!(JH and also SC watch photos that a bath towel clad JA ~ above MG’s laptop)GM: Hey, what space you men doing?!SH: friend bastard! space you a pervert?!SH: perform you want to die?GM: Hey!SH: ns told you not to go about Yoon Jin Ah, didn’t I?GM: Yah, girlfriend don’t understand who you’re messing with!JH: Yah, go ahead and also report it. Including the forcible entry and also destruction that property, every one of it. Because I’ll have you arrested for arrested rape and stalking as well.SH: What go you do to mine sister?GM: allow go!SH: girlfriend bastard!

JH: space you okay?SH: I’m simply scratched increase a bit. But, what to be that around attempted rape? did Yoon Jin Ah really experience that?JH: He saw the store and created a mess. Isn’t it obvious?SH: Don’t we require to speak to the police on him? that knows what rather he’ll do?JH: We have to make that so the he can’t perform anything else.SH: How? ns barely had any time today either. I need to go ago immediately.JH: I’ll pay fist to it.SH: What? perform you just have actually time come waste? Aish. Yoon Jin Ah.JH: Don’t do it. Don’t execute it.SH: I’m going to nag she to get her head top top straight.JH: The bastard who needs to get his head on right is who else, for this reason why take it the end on an innocent person.

Scene #13: after JA gets out of the closet, lock talk about the flowers.This scene is analyzed by Stroppyse top top Soompi. Give thanks to you for this reason much!

JH: due to the fact that I thought that there would certainly be no an excellent in you see it, for this reason I eliminated it without her permission. I additionally thought you would understand.JA: I carry out understand. And, I’m grateful. However, I’m the same that ns didn’t desire you to watch it. The would have actually been much better if ns were the just one to watch it. It’s make you worry again.JH: I’m no worried. Yoon Jin Ah is in former of me prefer this. Therefore what execute I have actually to concern about?JA: for this reason why didn’t girlfriend answer her phone? friend were completely unreachable.JH: part urgent points came up in ~ the office. Following time, I’ll call you very first before I come to be unreachable.JA: simply you challenge not carry out that? I’ll acquire my revenge ~ above you. I’ll simply disappear.JH: You’re walk to be in the closet again? following time, hide in some clothing that are hanging top top a hanger. Ns bet no one will know. (JA smacks him a few times)JH: Come here. (hugs her) following time, don’t stay choose that. Ns felt so sorry for you, I assumed I to be going to die.JA: There was no place to hide.JH: I’ll do it so that there is no reason for you come hide any more. Ns will.

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Scene #14: more cute playfulness in JH’s apartmentThis step is analyzed by Stroppyse top top Soompi. Say thanks to you for this reason much!

(When JA does JH’s hair increase in a directly up pony.)

JA: Oh, you’re for this reason pretty. You’re too cute!

(When they wake up from their nap.)JA: Yah! What time is it? What time is it?JH: Huh?

(after JA it s okay to she room)JA: Dad. Dad.

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