Everyone requirements Encouragement Now and also Then

This write-up is going to be different from most.

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I want —

No, ns needed to have this moment through the people who enable me come encourage their heart and bring around positive change in their lives.

The past couple of hours have been a little rough ~ above me and also many various other Americans ~ the 2016 election.

Trust me. This is no a political statement post. The is one post of encouragement.

Really. That is.

I establish I necessary encouragement when I found myself stop on to Kelly because that dear life, sobbing in she arms, as if someone to be going come take her away from me.

I establish it again while ns was sitting on the bus going into work and an ext tears started to fall.

When ns thought about all the people I understand with disability children, my other LGBT community, and what the result could median for world of color, i wept.

You see, also I need some encouragement sometimes. Therefore this post is for every one of us. It is in regards come any part of her life whereby you need it.

Where carry out you find that encouragement? Well….

Sometimes You have to Encourage Yourself

Sometimes you need to encourage yourself is the an initial verse of a gospel song referred to as Encourage you yourself by Donald Lawrence & The Tri-City Singers.

That is what we have to do when we are feeling low, lonely, or lost – encourage ourselves.

The other options – wallowing in your low point, pity, anger, frustration, and also sadness carry out not perform you any type of good. You cannot push forward or flourish in that space.

Mend your damaged heart by encouraging yourself.

Even if you space not into gospel music, listen to the native of the song.

Find encourage Here

I took some time to go back to some older articles that we deserve to use together reminders. Part share exactly how to address stress, i m sorry can an outcome from being discouraged. Others attend to disappointment. Examine them out. 


I finish with these words of encourage for every one of us.

My friends, let united state have confidence in each other. Let united state not grow weary. Let us not shed heart. Because that there are more seasons to come and there is much more work to do. – Hillary Rodham Clinton

I encourage you come not offer in to what ails you. Control what you can control. Finally, keep the faith and encourage yourself.

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