Morgan Freeman is probably the hardest boss you’ll face in southern Park: The fractured But Whole, but if you want that gold Taco Artifact and the Farts end Freckles trophy or success you’re walk to have to beat him. Here’s just how to carry out it.

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First the all, don"t even try if friend haven"t win the game, don"t have actually the Summon TimeFart, or aren"t close to 800 Might. Next, make sure you have actually have a many healing items, an especially Maximum Revives and Maximum Antidote. Seriously, look at in your inventory. Execute you think you have actually enough? That"s no enough. Make more. We’re talking 6 or 7 the each, minimum.

Now head to Freeman"s Tacos, i m sorry you’ll find on the main street simply behind your house. As soon as you’re inside, connect with the respond to on the much left side and also make your means behind it. Beat Morgan Freeman 3 times and also you’ll create the ceo fight.

Quick keep in mind here: Mr. Freeman won’t fight you if your character is black, so you’ll must visit computer Principal at the Micro Brew come change your ethnicity if you’re playing as a black character.

To offer yourself the ideal chance take it Toolshed, Mysterion, and Mosquito as your allies. Collection your Artifacts and DNA power to something the doesn"t take away her health, and also reduces condition effect damages done to her party.

Choose at least one power that can use a status impact such together Bleeding or Burning. If you want to be a little more offense-driven like us, choose two. Climate make another one of your powers a repositioning strike or way to redirect damage.

Start the struggle by utilizing the Summon TimeFart as quickly as feasible - this not just interrupts Morgan Freeman"s turn, but likewise calls in a younger variation of yourself through all the exact same powers friend have. Proceed to use the Summon TimeFart during the fight, however save it for once Mr Freeman is around to launch an area blast versus your party fairly than an individual attack.

Now, store your party spread out out ~ above both political parties of the battle, maintaining Freeman in the middle. Shortly he"ll contact in a younger version of himself - once this happens, focus on taking them down as easily as possible.

In the final phase he have the right to Charm - so use status effects to keep damages flowing while utilizing items to keep everyone alive. Her allies will nearly certainly die, but try to never have everyone grouped on one side of the fight and heal native afar if you can. Save the assaults raining in and also you’ll at some point grind grandfather Freeman down. Congratulations, you’ve just beaten the hardest ceo in the game.

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