One of the many kind of side pursuits in South Park: The Fractured But Whole is Scavenger Hunt: The Headswarm Job. This quest requires you to uncover headshot locations throughout South Park in order to help out Mr. Adams. This post covers every one of the headswarm locations in South Park: The Fractured But Whole so you deserve to complete the Scavenger Hunt: The Headshot Job search and also take a selfie through him. As always, this is a mature title. If you’re offended by any type of of the mature content please close this tab now.

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Scavenger Hunt: The Headshot Job

To start this side pursuit, head to the Park County Police Station, between the church and City Hall on the middle road. Once inside, head via the door to the appropriate (it will take a minute for the clerk to let you in), then move previous the break room door and head right into the following door to the best. Enter the Soft Room and also sheight via Mr. Adams to begin the side pursuit.

You are tasked with putting up all eight of Mr. Adams headshot pictures in a selection of locations across South Park. You deserve to tell wright here a headswarm goes because it will certainly look choose a headshot has already been partially ripped off of the bulletin board wright here you have the right to post it. Sindicate walk approximately the partially torn headshot and also you’ll have actually the choice to area a new headswarm portrait in its location. While tbelow are some exceptions, you deserve to post practically all of the headshots incredibly at an early stage in the game, without the require for added abilities.

Once you"ve posted all of the headshots, go ago to the Police Station and speak via Mr. Adams. He will reward you through the Idol of Incorrect Touching (75 Might, +10% Status Effect Damage, +8% Ultimate Recovery) and Fanatic Visage (100 Might, Gain 1 Movement Square) artifacts. You have the right to also take a selfie with him now.

Headshot Locations

City Hall


Just outside City Hall (middle road, appropriate of the Police Station) there’s a neighborhood bulletin board. While there’s a yaoi poster on the left side of the bulletin board, you have the right to area a headswarm on the appropriate side of the board.

Jimbo’s Guns


On the peak road you’ll find Jimbo’s Guns to the much left. Head inside and look to the left of Ned (by the entrance) to watch a torn headshot on the bulletin board under the moose head.

Park County Police Station


As soon as you accept the quest, head out right into the lobby of the Police Station wright here you originally gotten in. Just listed below the front desk clerk is a spot where you deserve to location a headshot.

Peppermint Hippo


After you complete The Bowels of the Beast major mission, you have the right to head earlier to the Peppermint Hippo once the bouncer isn’t waiting to kick you out. Go inside using the front entrance and also move the step ladder over to the respond to where the cash register is situated. To the appropriate of the cash register tright here are several images, including a ripped headshot. Move the step ladder into position and also relocation the ripped headswarm through a new one.

South Park Community Center


Just south of the Police Station and near the school you’ll uncover the Community Center. Head inside and also relocate the ladder right into place to the left of the podium. There’s a ripped headswarm on the bulletin board below. Climb the ladder and also short article the brand-new headshot.

South Park Elementary


Once you have actually unlocked the Buddy Power Fartkour during the Medicinal Fried Fiasco primary mission, head to the institution and also usage the pinwheel on the best (up the stairs) to reach the second floor over. There’s a bulletin board to the right of the double doors in the middle of the second floor. Rearea the torn headswarm via a brand-new one.

Stark’s Pond North


Throughout the main objectives, The Bowels of the Beastern and also The Hundcheck out Hands of Chaos, you will unlock the Buddy Powers Diabetic Rage and Sandblaster respectively. Once you have actually those you can head to the far left side of the map and also move the power transprevious to acquire accessibility to Stark’s Pond and also the woodland location, and clear lava. Northeast of the pond there’s a bulletin board via lava LEGO blocks in front of it. Clear the lava and also you have the right to article a headswarm on this bulletin board.

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Tweek Bros. Coffee


On the peak road, towards the best side of the map you’ll discover Tweek Bros. Coffee shop. Head inside to find a bulletin board mounted on the back wall with a yaoi poster (usage a Snap N Pop firecracker to acquire it down), and also a 2nd bulletin board simply under the cash register through a torn headshot. Rearea the headswarm through a new one.

For even more collectibles, consisting of the location of Big Gay Al’s cats or the yaoi posters, head over to our South Park: The Fractured But Whole game hub!