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Sport N funny is the ideal Go-Karting place I have been too. It"s not simply the Go-Karts i like, they also have batting cages, mini golf, bungee trampoline, and a video clip game arcade. Everything is really cheap too. The Go-Karts space $5.00 every ride, or girlfriend can obtain the finest deal 10 tickets for $40.00 the you can use the 10 tickets on Go-Karts, Mini Golf, and the Bungee Trampoline.

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Totally felt uncomfortable the entirety time... I would not take family members here again. Open consumption of profanity through public that attend this location....Take your kids somewhere safer even if it"s a couple of bucks more. Try for a far better city area. Perhaps for open up minded teens this place is OK, yet not for a family. IMHO

My mother and also i paid about 200 dollars total on batting cage tokens, arcade video game tokens, walk kart rides and also mini golf a year or 2 ago. WELL..... My brother was poor last year so we hung ~ above the tokens for his next birthday party. This year he likewise lost his chance. I asked my mother if i could take the tokens to obtain our money back. She agreed. As soon as i lugged them they stated i couldnt acquire a refund. Which IS FINE. Therefore i made decision to usage all the tokens to acquire tickets and also win one XBOX360. After ~ spending about a hundreds dollars in tokens, and also trying to offer my batting cage tokens to people. No to mention spending 20 much more dollars on tokens come get much more tickets.... The manager/owner comes as much as me speak he had called the police and he "KNEW" ns stole the tokens. WOW.... He climate told me that i can never come back... That my tickets to be worthless, and i might forget about the xbox. I tried to define to him, to obtain him to remember mine mother and i plan a huge party there a year or two previous and also he simply started yelling over me, repeating my license plate number over and also over. Telling me no to leave. WHAT IS UP through THAT?NOT come MENTION:While i was earning this tickets inside... The equipments kept breaking, so ns would have to ask the girl at the counter if they can fix them. The one girl (Curly hair, large eyes, brown hair, younger) provided me together a crappy non-happy attitude. Acting favor it was such a terrible thing i asked her to solve it when she was sitting roughly doing nothing to start with. Therefore by the time i had left... Almost half the equipments were broken, leaving a worse choice then before. Climate i checked out the batting cages and also a couple of castle were damaged too! The coin slot were missing.OVERALL such A negative VISIT.How go 200 dollars get the police referred to as on me? ns am so glad my brother was bad, because god forbid they suspicion him of stealing