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St. Joseph the Worker church now in Maple Grove. DAVE HRBACEK | THE CATHOLIC SPIRIT

In 1884, a north Minneapolis parish relocated a number of blocks, almost to downtown Minneapolis— literally pulling St. Joseph church, the school and other structures on rollers come an area near Washington and Plymouth avenues.

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After building a second church in 1889, the parish moved again years later, compelled in 1975 by an federal government 94 development to offer its church and property. While no buildings were transported, the readjust was even much more dramatic as St. Joseph included “the Worker” to its name and prepared to break ground because that a church 14 mile away, in Maple Grove.

From its roots together the German national parish of St. Joseph in Minneapolis until today, the parish continues to discover inspiration in the patron, currently as a thriving suburban parish the 2,500 families with an active social righteousness outreach.

“When I very first came right here (in 2000) we had actually several parishioners that were from the downtown church,” claimed Father Michael Sullivan, the parish’s pastor. “They had actually moved out right here earlier and also they were so delighted” to learn that the parish was coming come Maple Grove, he said.

Inspired by St. Joseph, parishioners in Maple Grove offer others on worries including affordable housing, alleviating hunger, domestic abuse awareness and also missions, father Sullivan said.

" data-image-caption="St. Joseph church in Minneapolis in the 1800s. COURTESY ARCHDIOCESE ARCHIVES

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St. Joseph church in Minneapolis in the 1800s. COURTESY ARCHDIOCESE ARCHIVES

“I think also from the little town of Nazareth, (St. Joseph) was saying, ‘How execute I help my neighbors?’” the said. “We’re tho tending to shot to execute the same.”

German, Hungarian and also Austrian Catholics who had attended St. Boniface in what is currently northeast Minneapolis received permission in 1869 to kind the St. Joseph parish closer to downtown Minneapolis. The following year, Bishop thomas Grace, a Dominican, blessed their church. It was a mission parish the St. Boniface till parishioners welcomed their very first resident minister in 1875 — one of countless Benedictine priests from St. John’s Abbey in Collegeville who offered the parish for more than 100 years.

At that time, parish limits extended north and west the Hennepin Avenue and also west the the Mississippi River, according to archdiocesan records. In 1889, Archbishop man Ireland blessed the parish’s second church on that site, built in a German Romanesque style with beige bricks and also brown-red sandstone. Four bells to be purchased because that its twin steeples.

Nancy Berg, 72, a parishioner the St. Joseph the Worker, claimed she remembers she father ringing the bells as a St. Joseph usher at the Minneapolis church in the 1940s and 1950s. Now, the bells are part of the church in Maple Grove.

“I remember see the cords and the knots and how an overwhelming it was for even the males to ring those bells,” Berg said.

In the relocate to Maple Grove, parishioners discovered there were number of St. Joseph parishes in the area. To stop duplication, “the Worker” was added to the parish name. An altering the name totally would have actually meant forfeiting the old church’s assets, according to canon regulation at the time, father Sullivan said. The parish didn’t construct a school due to the fact that there to be several schools nearby, he said.

The very first St. Joseph the Worker church in Maple Grove was dedicated in 1977; the second and existing church was devoted in 2003. Both churches offered white marble, the tabernacle and statues of St. Joseph, the Virgin Mary and also Christ’s sacred Heart indigenous the initial Minneapolis church. A newer, life-sized wood statue the St. Joseph and the son Jesus now stands in the collection space.

When Berg and her husband, Don, joined St. Joseph the Worker in 1993, Nancy well-known the old statues from she childhood parish in Minneapolis.

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“That’s whereby I acquired reacquainted, because all of the statues and the various parts that the church over there brought ago memories indigenous knowing and also seeing mine old St. Joe,” she said. “St. Joseph has always been a dear, to ~ saint the I have actually looked to for guidance and help.”

Editor’s note: This is the third story in a monthly series on 10 areas in the Archdiocese of St. Paul and also Minneapolis with relations to St. Joseph.