21st righteousness CIRCUIT (St. Luigi County)

St. Louis County


Circuit Probate instance information is easily accessible for every public situations that to be converted indigenous the previous automated system or entered in to the incubadoradeartistas.com case management device (JIS) top top or ~ July 12, 2004. If you space attempting to find for a probate situation filed prior to July 12, 2004 and it is no in Case.net, please speak to the general Information number because that St. Louis ar Court 314-615-2629, or inquire in ~ the St. Louis ar Courthouse, Circuit Probate Division, in St. Louis County, Missouri.

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On may 1, 2009, the Probate division consolidated under the St. Louis ar Circuit Court location.

If friend are looking for a probate case that to be filed in between July 12, 2004 and also May 1, 2009, friend can choose the "Probate St. Luigi County" location.


If friend are in search of a probate case filed after might 1, 2009, you can pick the "St louis County" location.


If you would choose to find for cases in both locations, leaving the location field collection to "All" and choose just the Case kind option that "Probate".

Circuit Civil, combine Civil, and Domestic Relations

Circuit Civil, Associte Civil, and also Domestic Relations situation information is obtainable for every public situations that were converted native the ahead automated system, or filed ~ above or after ~ October 1, 2007. incubadoradeartistas.comst Associate and also Circuit civil Judgments gone into prior come October 1, 2007 are included in Case.Net. If you believe a judgment was gone into prior to October 1, 2007, and also it is no on Case.net, you may review the referee index, or inquire at the polite incubadoradeartistas.com Bulding located in St. Luigi County, Missouri.

Circuit and Associate Criminal

Criminal Traffic, Misdemeanor, Felony and DWI instance information is accessible for every public cases that were converted from the previous automated system, or filed on or ~ June 4, 2007 and thereafter. incubadoradeartistas.comst criminal judgments entered prior to June 4, 2007 are consisted of in Case.net. If you think a judgment was gotten in prior to June 4, 2007, and is no in Case.net, you may review the judgment index or inquire Circuit Clerks office, in ~ the incubadoradeartistas.com building located in St. Luigi County, Missouri.


Traffic tickets and infraction situation information is available for every public cases that were converted native the previous automated system, or filed ~ above or after ~ June 4, 2007. incubadoradeartistas.comst judgments gotten in prior to June 4, 2007 are had in Case.net. If you believe a judgment was gone into prior come June 4, 2007 you may review the referee index, or inquire at the combine Clerks Office situated at the civil incubadoradeartistas.com building located in St. Louis, Missouri.

Missouri digital Filing System

Effective January 1, 2012, electronic records space viewable in ~ the public access terminal at the court house. Situation records in St Louis county are obtainable electronically because that the above referenced case species beginning march 31, 2014. Call the court because that the availability of digital records prior to this day or exclude, in the over referenced situation types.

Case Numbering

All Probate situations filed after July 12, 2004, every Criminal instances filed after June 4, 2007, and also all Civil cases filed after ~ October 1, 2007 will be assigned a brand-new JIS situation number. Traffic cases use the actual traffic ticket number. Every circuit making use of the new JIS device is assigned a block of instance numbers every circuit. The block the numbers because that the 22nd circuit is 500,000 to 599,999. Therefore, all brand-new cases in JIS will have the following information in the situation number format:

Example 02CV500021 2- digit Year Case type CV- Civil, CR-Criminal, PR-Probate etc. 6-digit sequential instance number in the selection assigned to the circuit.

*The case numbers provided below room hypothetical and also do not represent actual cases.

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Case type Old format Converted build new Format
Probate 04PR040021 04PR400021 YYSL-PR400021
Criminal - Felony 21-YYCR-123456 2104R-12345 YYSL-CR12345; YYSL-CR12345-01
Criminal - Misdemeanor 21-YYCR-12345 2104R-12345 YYSL-CR12345; YYSL-12345-01
Criminal - ticket 21-YYTR-123456 2104T-12345 Ticket Number
Criminal - various 21-YYCR-123456 2104R-12345 YYSL-MC12345
Criminal - Municipal Ordinances YYSL-MU00001
civil - Circuit 01CC-002569A; 06CC-003508; 2101259; 451677H; 684456A; 684456AA; 684456AAA; 684456AAAA; 21B90896; 21B860001; 21B8600012; 21H98-00067 2101CC02569A; 2101CC02569A-01; 2106CC03508; 2101CC03508-01; 2101259; 2101259-01; 221451677H; 21451677H-01; 21684456A; 21684456A-01; 21684456AAA; 21684456AAA-01; 21684456AAAA; 21684456AAAA-01; 21B90896; 21B90896-01; 21B860001; 21B860001-01; 21B8600012; 21684456AAAA; 21684456AAAA-01 07SL-CC00001; 07SL-CC00001-01
polite - associate 06AC-020381 2106AC-20381; 2106AC-20381-01 07SL-AC00001; 07SL-AC00001-01
polite - tiny Claims 06SC-000956 2106SC-00956; 2106SC-00956-01 07SL-SC00001; 07SL-SC00001-01
civil - Fam. Ct/Domestic Rel 06FC-004568 2106FC-00006; 2106FC-00006-01 07SL-DR00001; 07SL-DR00001-01
polite - defense Orders 06AB-007308 2106AB-07308; 2106AB-07308-01 07SL-PN00001; 07SL-PN00001-01
civil - Misc. Governmental Orders 06FC-008602 2106FC-08602; 2106FC-08602-01 07SL-AD00001; 07SL-AD00001-01
civil - Misc. Transcript Judgments 06TJ-000012 2106TJ-00012; 2106TJ-00012-01 07SL-TJ00001; 07SL-TJ00001-01
civil - Misc. Mechanics Lien 06ML-000372 2106ML-00372; 2106ML-00372-01 07SL-ML00001; 07SL-ML00001-01

BELLA VILLA MUNICIPAL division (Bella Villa, incubadoradeartistas.com.)

Municipal case information is available for all public situations that were pending together of, or filed after, November 8, 2007. Municipal judgments gone into prior come November 8, 2007 might not be had in Case.net. If friend are looking for a judgment gone into prior come November 8, 2007, you might inquire in ~ the Bella Villa City Municipal department in Bella Villa, Missouri.

Case.net will allow the adhering to case types to be easily accessible for public testiincubadoradeartistas.comnial in the Bella Villa City Municipal Division:

Municipal Alcohol & Drug connected Traffic Municipal Ordinance website traffic Municipal Ordinance other