We have seen somewhere else how Botticelli"s Birth that Venus is divided between two realities, that of the 3-D studio and the 2-D job-related of art. Below in his paint of St. Sebastian, Botticelli manages the same transition in a much much more subtle manner. Mystic Christians frequently Imitated the life the a saint in their attempt to disclose the divine essence within themselves. In the very same manner Sebastian"s body has often been provided by great artists as both a symbol for the experiencing they themselves endure in an innovative work and also for the "art" within the painting. The saint tied come the wood stake was standing on a small ledge choose a panel on an easel, his violent death symbolizing the creation of the job-related itself.

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Botticelli, St. Sebastian (c.1473) Tempera on panel. Gemäldegalerie, Berlin

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Take a look now at the saint"s feet. One is portrayed in together foreshortened perspective the it appears flattened, firmly locked in ~ the painting. The other, though, moves forward right into our space, an result emphasized by showing it much larger and also in semi-profile. That appears, so to speak, to move into the studio room in prior of the painting hence bridging 2 realities. In a number of Old understand paintings, none however published, toe are provided like this to represent the artist"s "hand" because, in both French and also Italian, toe are talked of together "fingers of the foot".1 Thus, the artist"s "fingers" are in both the painted background and also the studio-foreground favor an artist painting himself.

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The action of painting is additional stressed by the usage of arrows to stand for "paintbrushes" fired in, metaphorically speaking, native the studio in front of the painting. (Wooden panels could even have actually been offered in archery practice, as they space today, as cheap targets.)2 Besides, the shafts the the arrows are so foreshortened that they too appear to begin, from the notched-end, in the artist"s space.

Botticelli was among several Renaissance artists well-known in his own day as having the habit of paint himself no issue whom the was actually portraying, fictive or real.3 This brand-new insight, then, is just additional support for what his contemporaries currently knew.

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