The St. Louis council of the culture of St. Vincent de Paul newly opened a new thrift store located in Creve Coeur, Mo. This save is the ninth SVdP thrift keep in the St. Luigi area. The keep was opened in late-May. A ribbon-cutting awareness was held on Tuesday, June 12. The Council organized a customer appreciation solemn event this past Saturday whereby they served warm dogs, chips and beverages to customers as they browsed the brand-new store.

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“We feel this is a great opportunity to offer in one area whereby St. Vincent de Paul shop don’t currently have a presence,” stated John Foppe, executive director that the culture of St. Vincent de Paul –

St. Louis Archdiocesan Council. “This brand-new store will lug a thrifty and fun shopping experience that will benefit the bordering community and also our neighbors in need.”

The new Creve Coeur St. Vincent de Paul Thrift save will sell employment opportunities with around five full-time and also 20 part-time positions. The job openings room posted ~ above the organization’s website, Volunteer will also play a large role in sustaining the work-related at the store. Those interested can also learn more at

Items sold at the store space both brand-new items and also gently used clothes, housewares and furniture. Among the thrift store’s signature assets are the low-cost mattresses and mattress sets. New bed frames, sheets, comforters and pillows are additionally sold in ~ the stores.

Donations the clothing, home goods and also furniture will certainly be accepted at the store. A convenient drive-up drop-off area is situated at the side of the building. Donations can likewise be inserted in bins located throughout the St. Louis area. ( kinds for huge donations to be choose up deserve to be make by call 314-881-6006.

What is the number one factor to consider when thinking around opening a thrift store? Is that location? Square feet the the building? The place of the ago door?

All these points are crucial – but according to man Walters, manager of stores for the St. Luigi Archdiocesan council of the society of St. Vincent de Paul – the most important consideration of all is the ar itself. “Need needs to be present,” he said. John is referring to local world who live near the store. “We look for a neighborhood where we can far better serve local world in need.”

John has actually led the efforts to increase the variety of the Society’s thrift shop serving the St. Louis area, most recently opening the Society’s ninth store. The newest is situated in Creve Coeur, Missouri. “Creve Coeur is a heavy bedroom ar of St. Louis, but it also has families in need. Our very first customer as soon as we opened the thrift to be someone through a voucher.”

Learn native John. Click here to download St. Louis’ SVdP Thrift Store start up guide.


SVdP Sauk Prairie (WI) Thrift store participated in the fifth annual Vintage Shop Hop, a self-guided road expedition for thrift keep enthusiasts. Each participant got a map because that $30. “We were the just St. Vincent de Paul store provided out the 480 participants,” claims Karen Fabisiak, keep manager. The collaboration worked well because that the Society.

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Organizer Ann Campos saw the successful SVdP store and also later created a good review and posted much more than a dozen photos, recommending come thrifters that they inspect out our thrift. Karen reports in between 500 – 700+ shoppers went to the store during Shop Hop and that they sold much more than 3550 items, including 89 pieces of furniture, 698 pieces of clothing, 315 books and 300+ antique items. This exposure has resulted in brand-new buyers continuing to come to the store.

Important to keep in mind that SVdP Sauk Prairie WI is in a community of simply over 5000 people. Congratulations!