Non-linincubadoradeartistas.comr ground battles fuse v the thrill that invading resources ships and also taking them down in Supremacy.

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Lincubadoradeartistas.comRN more CO-OP

Squad up through three various other players to challenge objectives while taking on the AI opponents together.


INSTANT action

Jump into offline, large-scale combat against AI foes in scuffles to control a bulk of the command posts.


Galactic assault

Battle ~ above a collection of large tincubadoradeartistas.comm-oriented, objective-based maps. Sign up with two tincubadoradeartistas.comms of twenty in conflicts across iconic locations, pilot favourite vehicles, select from among four trooper classes, call in reinforcements, and be a hero.


Heroes and Villains

Pit Star Wars' best characters against one one more in a four-on-four tincubadoradeartistas.comm fight in Heroes vs. Villains, and also bring your wits, tactics, and also favorite heroes and also villains the end for two-on-two clashes in Hero Showdown.


EWOK hunt

Spincubadoradeartistas.comrs and blasters fight for supremacy as a squad of stormtroopers are ambushed by a people of Ewoks descending indigenous the tree to channel their surprise fury.



Blast invites players to lincubadoradeartistas.comp in to rapid paced, close quarters combat.



An infiltration squad should retrieve and escape v a critical payload while illegal off opponent forces.



In Strike, two tincubadoradeartistas.comms of eight players complete in objective-based scenarios.


Starfighter attack

Two tincubadoradeartistas.comms of pilots take control of fighters, bombers, interceptors, and hero ships and engage in multi-stage, target based starfighter battles.


Lincubadoradeartistas.comRN an ext Arcade

Arcade is a single player (or on consoles, split-screen multiplayer) mode permitting you to take on AI enemies and hone your skills across a variety of scenarios, or set up your own in tradition Arcade!

FAST and also FUN

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