Star wars Rebels season 2 appears to it is in all about looking backwards. When is that going to move the crew that the Ghost forwards?

By Megan Crouse | February 9, 2016 | | comments count:0

This review consists of spoilers.

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2.12 Legends of The Lasat

Like critical week’s episode, Legends the The Lasat is one of numerous this season that explores the crew’s backstories. This time, it’s a story around faith and also loss special Zeb. The episode is a auto for a beautiful new vista and some the the very first Force magic that actually feels universal and also larger 보다 life. This season’s episodes still feeling oddly disconnected native one one more — Legends of The Lasat doesn’t fix all of the technical concerns that to be exacerbated instead of smoothed the end in season two — yet it is one uplifting look at how Star Wars touches on spirtuality.

The episode starts with a firefight: Hondo has tipped Ezra turn off to a distribution of imperial contraband, which turns out to in reality be 2 Lasat, Chava and Gran. Zeb is shocked to watch them lively (he in reality looks towards the ‘camera’), yet they space looking come the future: a mythical planet where lock think the Lasat deserve to start again. The physical danger comes in the kind of agent Kallus, who holds Hondo captive.

There still no a ton of continually this season, and what there is originates from Ezra’s easy to understand long-lasting problems with his parents’ deaths and not Sabine’s family, whom we met last week. The designs because that the new Lasat room all right, through Chava made up of rounded shapes and pure grandmotherliness while Gran looks more like a sideburned Zeb. The designs don’t draw away far native Zeb’s own look, and also while that renders them recognizable, ns would have liked a little extra information — some fur out of ar here, a less cosmetic scar there.

We never discover out how Chava and also Gran made it through the imperial massacre on Lasan, and also there isn’t lot of a feeling of a more comprehensive culture outside the three of them. Return Gran remained in the safety the very same as Zeb, the two don’t reminisce.

However, the society that is present and also plot-relevant is certainly enjoyable. We’ve watched plenty of develops of magic in Star Wars outside the well-known Jedi abilities: Nightsister magic can create zombies or supersoldiers, and the Mortis kingdom exists as a physics manifestation of the balance the the Force. Chava’s Lasat magic works really well at a smaller scale. She lays the end a Lasat prophecy that is likewise a crash food in archetypes, with an extraterrestrial twist. She magic feels an extremely Disney, pointing as it does come a (metaphorical) concealed treasure in what might as well be never Never Land. Zeb adheres to it right on ’til morning.

At first, he appears much more embarrassed 보다 pleased in ~ the reappearance that his other Lasat. I assumed this was a strangely low-key reaction for someone that saw their people massacred (and we execute get an ext detail of the event), however I realized later that what looks favor embarrassment could likewise be emotional exhaustion. Ezra helps Zeb open up up around his guilt and also get a 2nd chance. In the end, there’s a marked difference between the Zeb that believes in and also understands the prophecy and the Zeb that doesn’t. This illustration is a story that Zeb rescuing himself, and also being rescued by his very own people. Now we’ll check out whether his characterization changes in a meaningful way going forward.

His emotions could have been explored a bit more deeply if the episode had actually been longer, although ns think that, particularly for a half-hour animated show, that did portray his guilt and also his resistance come his own healing well. The illustration was weighed down in the beginning by fight and chase scenes, which seemed choose they were contained in stimulate to fill quotas — the episode had to start out with a bang, but the fights feeling a little phoned in, especially due to the fact that Hera escaped the imperial Star Destroyer so quickly. (On the add to side, Hera is totally recovered from she ordeal critical week, and with every her skills intact!)

Putting Zeb, Kanan, and Ezra every at the forefront of the episode allows Legends the The Lasat to feel much more like one ensemble story than the others have lately. Return Sabine doesn’t have actually much come do, she’s offered well, whether that’s she flashy moves in combat or she utterly relaxed posture together she lounges ~ above the Ghost. The ship itself felt more like a house in this episode than it has in a while; in spite of the show’s early promise the a discovered family story, Star Wars: Rebels had to be tending away from that till the character interactions in this episode brought it back. The episode also has several of the ideal music and also best visuals that the show, including the an initial season — the triumphant, mystical music at the finish perfectly frames part gorgeous artwork, and also goes quiet at just the appropriate moments.

A few weeks back I talked around how it was a an excellent thing the Agent Kallus had taken a back seat and let an additional Imperial journey an episode, because Kallus seems to save reprising the same function — that of the administrator who reflects up just in time for the Rebels to gain away — over and also over. Unfortunately, he goes right ago to kind in Legends the The Lasat. The potential threat to Hondo hasn’t played the end (yet).

However, both voice gibbs David Oyelowo and also the animation team ramp up Kallus’ couple of important moments; it isn’t tough to imagine the he feels a details glee around being able to catch the Rebels between the Empire and also an even an ext powerful threat. The fact that he has Hondo basically at his mercy is frightening, however even moreso is the truth that he has actually the Star Destroyer in ~ his mercy too. I could nearly believe that he would certainly let his own ship be destroyed just so that he can prolong his very own anticipation and also revenge. He wasn’t an efficient commander in this episode, yet he did show the dark, practically insane decision living under the Empire’s glowing surface.

I can’t aid but an alert that, yet again, the just guaranteed through-line from this illustration to the remainder of the season is a character from The Clone Wars, since Hondo is presumably tho in the hands of the Empire. The Lasat could play a duty in the season walk forward, yet it’s a bad sign when the divide between old characters and brand-new characters is still so stark the tallying it matters. Star Wars: Rebels has to be doing a most looking backwards — at Sabine’s family, at Zeb’s people, at Ezra’s parents. In many ways, that feels like it’s do the efforts to record up through its very own promise instead of delivering much more and more. Season two requirements to really move the Ghost crew forward. If it can do it with the intuitive inventiveness, insight, and also heart that this episode showed, it will certainly be just about perfect.

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