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Thursday Night football this main doesn"t inspire lot for a scoring bonanza, as the Giants take trip to beat NFC east rival Washington (8:20 p.m. ET, NFL Network). Both groups failed to score in ~ lest 20 point out in main 1 residence losses to AFC West teams. The video game has the lowest total of any kind of Week 2 contest with a 40.5 over/under, additionally factoring in two great defenses. Even with all that said, there space still numerous no-brainer "starts" for your fantasy soccer lineups, as well as a couple of guys top top the start "em, sit "em bubble.

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With that in mind, here"s a look at at who you have to deploy and also avoid ~ above TNF, plus part DFS picks because that FanDuel and also DraftKings single-game slates:

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Giants: that to begin or sit in fantasy soccer on Thursday night

Sit: QB Daniel Jones

Jones developed 267 yards passing, 27 yards rushing, and also a pair of TDs vs. Denver in the opener. The was good for a QB14 finish. Yet Washington"s defense just organized the Chargers" Justin Herbert come QB26 stats at home. Counting on an ext of the last in a tough turnaround spot because that Jones.

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Start: RB Saquon Barkley

How healthy and balanced is Saquon? Logic would say he"s a little bit healthier recovering from the knee injury with another week passing. He received simply 11 touches against the Broncos, so that was also more limited work than expected. That course, you drafted him as an RB1, and he"s better than what you could have at flex, in ~ the very least. Let"s just he it s okay a much more regular role because the Giants" offense requirements it.


Sit: WR Kenny Golladay

Golladay can be your ideal WR3 option, but if you have a decent alternative, you should opt because that him. Wilhelm Jackson III was decent in his debut as Washington"s top corner, and the pass rush should get revved up v Chase Young to limit Jones" downfield passing. For what it"s worth, the former Bengal Jackson did shut down the former Lion Golladay in their just meeting during the latter"s rookie season in 2017.

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Sit: WR Sterling Shepard

Washington should likewise get a better game from kendal Fuller in the slot vs. Shepard, who"s still Jones" ideal all-around go-to guy. Overall, this isn"t a good passing video game matchup because that the Giants.

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Sit: car Kyle Rudolph

Evan Engram is the end again (what else is new?) v a calf injury. So, carry out you to trust the former Viking come produce? No.

WEEK 2 conventional RANKINGS:Quarterback | Running earlier | wide Receiver | Tight end | D/ST | Kicker

Sit: K Graham Gano

You deserve to find much better options for ar goals and extra points.

WEEK 2 PPR RANKINGS:Quarterback | Running back | broad Receiver | Tight finish | D/ST | Kicker

Start: Giants DST

The Giants" defense to be DST19 critical week. They had two sacks against the Bronco,s yet there was nothing rather to watch there. Hope they can acquire a sales or two from Taylor Heinicke in a low-scoring video game to pay off as a cheap streamer.

Washington: who to start or sit in fantasy football on Thursday night

Sit: QB Taylor Heinicke

Heinicke knows the Washington system well, and WFT is high on his chances to succeed with Ryan Fitzpatrick (hip-IR) top top the shelf. The did distribution the round well to your playmakers versus the Chargers v 122 yards and also a TD on just 15 attempts. But he doesn"t carry out as lot as a runner, and like Fitzpatrick, he"s an ext of a deep-league single-QB streamer or lower-end superflex guy as a passer.

Start: RB Antonio Gibson

Gibson had a usually game versus the Chargers v 23 touches for 108 yards. In two games as a rookie against the Giants, he combined for 22 touches, 110 yards and a TD. That will discover the end zone with a enlarge yardage performance.

Sit: RB J.D. McKissic

Stop do the efforts to uncover PPR worth from McKissic. Gibson is the key man, and also Jarret Patterson is the much better backup.

Start: WR terry McLaurin

McLaurin has actually a tough matchup versus James Bradberry ~ above paper, however he posted 7 catches, 115 yards, and also a TD in the critical meeting. He looked on suggest when Heinicke came right into the Chargers game with an outstanding catch downfield. He will certainly be a lot an ext productive 보다 four-for-62 this week.

Sit: WRs Adam Humphries and Dyami Brown

There"s no Curtis Samuel (groin) this week, however it"s tough to to trust Heinicke to feeding players not called Gibson, McLaurin and also the next man much.

Start: te Logan Thomas

Heinicke and Thomas hooked up for a TD in mainly 1. The Giants gave up nine catches for 78 yards and a TD to the Broncos" tight ends.

Start: K Dustin Hopkins

Hopkins to be a regular scorer last season and is turn off to a an excellent start in this talented offense. He must be in pat in 12-team leagues.

Start: Washington DST

Chase Young have to want come channel his inside Von müller to get his first sacks that the season, and Jackson had actually an interception in his team debut. Jones is a an excellent bet to commit a turnover in every game. He lost a fumble to the Broncos. Denver to be DST7 last week.

Giants vs. Washington: FanDuel single-game lineup 

MVP (1.5X): RB Antonio Gibson $12,500AnyFLEX: QB Taylor Heinicke $14,500AnyFLEX: WR terry McLaurin $12,000AnyFLEX: WR Kenny Golladay $10,500AnyFLEX: TE Logan cutting board $10,000

This was all around loading increase on Washington"s principals. This building left part money, for this reason we"re hoping Golladay can put up decent digits in garbage time.

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Giants vs. Washington: DraftKings Showdown lineup

Captain (1.5x): WR terrycloth McLaurin $13,500FLEX: QB Taylor Heinicke $10,200FLEX: RB Antonio Gibson $9,600FLEX: dare Logan thomas $7,400FLEX: Washington DST $5,600FLEX: K Graham Gano $3,600

The Washington "Big Four" is existing here, too. This time we can get the defense in there through the offense. We"re not completely punting that last flex spot through a kicker, but if things play out right, we won"t need much from Gano.