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THE many UNUSUAL BOOKTOM CLANCY HAS ever WRITTEN.THE facts BEHIND THE FICTION.Never before seen by the general public: A rarely glimpse inside a Los Angeles-class (SSN-688) nuclear submarine ...with Tom Clancy as your guide.Only the author of The Hunt because that Red October could capture the reality of life plank a nuclear submarine. Just a writer of Mr. Clancy"s magnitude could attain security clearance for information, diagrams, and photographs never ever before obtainable to the public. Now, for the first time, every civilian can get in this top mystery world and also experience the drama and excitement that this stunning technical achievement...the weapons, the procedures, the human being themselves...the startling facts behind the fiction the made Tom Clancy a #1 bestseller.includes:Exclusive photographs, illustrations, and diagramsMock war scenarios and also weapons start proceduresAn inside look in ~ life top top board, indigenous captain to crew, native training practice to operationsThe fascinating background and advancement of submarinesPLUS: Tom Clancy"s controversial see onsubmariner tactics and also training methods


ForewordIntroductionThe silent ServiceBuilding the BoatsThe Boat: A tour of USS Miami (SSN-755)The british Boats: A tour of HMS Triumph (S-93)Roles and also MissionsThe FutureOther People"s SubmarinesGlossaryBibliography

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ISBN: 0-425-13873-9Publisher: Berkley BooksStated Price: $14.95 U.S. $17.95 CANPages: 328Dimensions: 15.2 x 22.9 x 2 cm

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