The title says it all. No the first playthrough. I already have all the parts for the cyclops, yet I cannot find any kind of crashfish flour (so no repair tool). The crashfish flower either have an egg inside or appear half-buried in the rock. No powder... Bug?


Treat yourself and cheat you yourself some. I once uncovered a tonne of north crashfish habitats and eggs however zero flour after prefer 10+ crashfish encounters. I chalked it approximately a an insect so simply console cheated myself some. This time around, ns think possibly my 2nd or third time I acquired some.

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Some. I tried swim away prior to they walk boom, ns tried staying nearby. No crashfish powder... I never had actually this difficulty before.

If the crash fish explode near their powder they'll blow it up, similar to a Minecraft creeper blows increase items that room on the ground close to it. I had to obtain them to follow me, operation away as far as feasible with the sea glide, and even then there's not always powder in the flower. Ns did finish up finding enough for what you need it for.

I've been play on the very same build, and in my present game I've actually been detect crashfish powder simpler than before. In ~ the first hour or two, ns swam right into a cavern in the for sure Shallows, uncovered two crashfish flowers, and also they both had powder in them.

This is my 3rd playthrough. In both of mine previous playthroughs from early on 2016, ns was maybe to build a seamoth prior to I might craft the repair tool, due to the fact that powder supplied to be really difficult to find. In my existing playthrough, the repair device was among the very very first tools i crafted; i think ns crafted it in ~ the exact same time i made my first habitat builder.

I simply started the game. I didnt find the flour after checking several crashfish nests, only nothing or a biology egg. Climate after maybe a dozen i finally found 1 through powder, since then i found the powder another 2 time with possibly a dozen much more nests.

I was having this trouble for awhile. However eventually some showed up. That was within the barnacle castle swim the end of. I find I obtain some 1 the end of 6 or so individual crash fish remains.

You could shot deleting your cache folders, forcing a rebuild that the terrain (base + inventory continue to be intact, but read with the forum thread, there room caveats).

Thanks because that that. I discovered my crafshfish powder within 5 minutes after complying with the instructions. Could be a simultaneous of course...

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