Subnautica is a survival game that takes ar in an s world, so the doesn"t come as a surprised that the game"s main point mechanic is all around finding resources and also materials come craft various objects that will assist you in her adventures.

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indigenous vehicles to underwater bases, there"s a many you have the right to craft in this game. One thing that new players might overlook is the Alien Containment fishbowl, i m sorry is a huge aquarium friend can develop inside her Seabase and also fill that with planet 4546B"s fauna (yes, even the wild ones).

The cool thing around the extraterrestrial Containment aquarium is that it isn"t just something pretty come look at. That will additionally be a handy item to have once you know what you have the right to do with it; here"s whatever you have to know about this aquarium.

how To construct The alien Containment

alien containment from subnautica
Like countless other buildable item in this game, you"ll need two basic things to make the alien Containment: materials and also a blueprint.

The aquarium"s cooking recipes calls for:

x2 Titanium: you can attain this raw product by harvesting Limestone Outcrops, through crafting that from metal Salvage, or by scanning fragments for Blueprints that you currently have.

store in mind the you"ll only have the ability to build her aquarium within a Seabase"s multi-purpose Room. As soon as you have constructed that module, grab your Habitat Builder and craft the alien Containment.

alien containment v a hatch in Subnautica
To be able to enter the alien Containment, you"ll have actually to construct a Hatch on among its sides. To handmade a Hatch, you"ll need x1 Quartz and also x2 Titanium and the Habitat Builder. together for the extraterrestrial Containment blueprint, you"ll be able to find it via a data box. This boxes can be found in Degasi Seabases, destroyed Lifepods, or Wrecks from the Aurora.

Why need to You construct An extraterrestrial Containment

having actually an aquarium placed in one underwater base that"s in one ocean civilization is not only a cool principle (if you think around it, it"s like having actually a pool inside a pool), but it have the right to be really helpful when you have to safely scan wild fauna or have an limitless supply of details species. Right here are every the offers Alien Containment has:

peepers inside and alien containtment
You can breed Subnautica"s fauna by placing two creatures that the same types inside the alien Containment. Breeding is fantastic way to secure a nearby resource of food for her character, as you have the right to place edible fauna (like Peepers) within the alien Containment, and also they will certainly multiply.

when breeding, store in mind the the alien Containment has a border of ten creatures every aquarium. If you add much more creatures ~ the maximum amount is reached, some fish will certainly die come make space for the new ones.

You deserve to stack alien Containments on peak of each to increase the maximum amount of creatures allowed.

Cuddlefish egg in Subnautica
If friend pay attention while experimenting around, you"ll be able to spot creature eggs scattered anywhere the different Biomes current in Subnautica"s video game world. Friend might have the ability to tell come which creature the egg belongs simply by looking at its colors and shape. The video game won"t tell you the egg varieties until that hatches.

as soon as you find an egg, take it and place it inside the extraterrestrial Containment. Depending on the species, the egg will take some time to hatch (around three to 5 in-game days).

once hatched, the small creature will ultimately grow right into a full-sized one. At the point, you have the right to either leave the biology inside the aquarium where it will store laying eggs (if over there are an additional one the its species in the area) or release it in the open water.

Active Biorreactor in Subnautica
You have the right to use the hatched creatures as Bioreactor fuel. an aggressive creature that to be hatched inside the alien Containment will certainly be friendly towards the player and also won"t attack. This way, you can scan the creature without fear of gift harmed through it. However, some types like Ampeels and also Crabsquids will certainly be just as dangerous also if castle were raised in the aquarium.

Moreover, there is one types that can"t be uncovered in the wild, and also you"ll only be able to see that if you hatch its egg using the alien Containment. We"re talking around the Cuddlefish. After that hatches, this adorable biology will become your faithful companion, adhering to you roughly or playing through you.

besides fauna, girlfriend can additionally place flora within the alien Containment to develop your very own private farm. This technique is an alternate to using Exterior Growbed for farming purposes.

However, store in mind the flora favor the Tiger Plants will attack certain creatures if they"re inside of the alien Containment. Moreover, some types of flora, favor Creepvines and Bloodvines, won"t it is in able to completely grow unless you make an ext room through stacking alien Containments.

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if you can place almost every one of Subanautica"s creatures inside the extraterrestrial Containment, you must really think around which varieties you"re going to placed in there, as some of them will certainly be more useful 보다 others. For example:

The Bladderfish: while the isn"t the best of the edible fauna, this fish is a resource of both food and water. Moreover, this varieties is likewise a source of oxygen because eating it raw will provide you 15 devices of oxygen. Finally, the Bladderfish provides 210 energy because that the Bioreactor. So friend see, by reproduction this kind of fish, you"ll have a nearby resource of four different things. Reginald: this fish gives the most units of foodstuffs out of every the edible types (44 to be precise), so of course, it"s great species to breed. Not just that, but it likewise makes 490 energy for the Bioreactor, a yes, really efficient source of fuel. Oculus: through 630 energy, this varieties provides the most power for the Bioreactor.

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