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Trainer options and Cheats:

1. Limitless Health2. Unlimited Money3. EXP4. Countless Skill Points5. Max Friendship6. Countless SPScreenshot:


Supported game Versions:

We effort to store our trainers up to date with the latest video game versions. immediately detects which variation you have installed and also activates the mode accordingly. Therefore there’s no must worry around which version of the game you have!

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this cheat do monster end up being infinity heal dam pls settle this bug and much more sp to do monster infinity dam

so that’s one method but it does do it for this reason they have max health too but if you use the exp thing it offers you stunner health and also at the begin of the video game its enough… at the very least for a while

Just letting everyone understand if you usage this you space going to obtain a Red Name. Choose i did 60 hours gone currently i have a red name


so it is one means but that does do it so they have max health also but if you usage the exp point it provides you stunner health and also at the start of the video game its enough… at least for a while

It doesn’t provide monsters endless health. The only monsters with countless health is the an initial one in the tutorial, which is an alleged to have countless health until you complete all the difficulties in that particular tutorial.

Some also, as stated previously need you to perform certain things, like stagger, knockdown, skill chains etc to drain their health.

Would it is in nice with a 1 hit kill feature though, or something close to it.



Just letting everyone know if you use this you space going to obtain a Red Name. Prefer i did 60 hours gone now i have a red name

Pretty sure that’s only if you execute multiplayer?

Actually, i was wrong.

Tested the out and also it renders monsters have infinite health. Experiment it out on short level monsters as well as high level ones. Exact same result.

At one point, i thought i to be fighting a boss, however it was a typical monster, level 7. Dealt with it because that 5 minute before turning off infinite health, and also it died right away.

If girlfriend play offline it will still take place just so friend know since when you than go earlier online it will pick up whatever you walk so prior to you say something favor this think before you speak.

Wrong being in single player still provides you gain the Red name as the checks are in both virtual and solitary player. I find a method to eliminate the Red name any kind of ways so ns fine now

everything seem come be working as intended, whatever is straightforward to use as usual an excellent job guys!

One an insect i’ve i found it is v the limitless health whereby the adversary will get its full health as soon as they struggle me. In other words, i deserve to do damage to the enemy but if the adversary hits me once they gain complete health.

I would also like to see included unlimited make materials and also ultana yellow pieces, many of the video game seem to be centered roughly crafting and also trading ultana gold pieces, so i would love to view that included to the trainer.

Well, i find that tough to think as i’ve offered it in single player and also my surname is no red. Then again, ns don’t start up the trainer as soon as i go online either way, to avoid any kind of issue.

The only means i recognize of that would give you a red surname in every instances is if you’ve offered modded gear, either by modding the yourself, or picking it increase from trading through someone in a arbitrarily lobby.

unlimited health certainly makes it so enemies take no damages at all even though the damages numbers still popup on display screen (tested on numerous enemies) countless health top top mobs is persistent no matter the opponent i fight and also when disabling in center of fight enemy starts acquisition damage and also if i re-enable endless health prior to enemy is dead enemy gains complete health ago instantly and takes no much more damage till i disable countless health.

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STN have the right to u please inspect this out as soon as u get a chance, thanx


also if feasible maybe could u please add a weapon level cheat aswell itd be greatly appreciated

that takes really long time come grind out 500 weapon levels every weapon kind

The unlimited health problem can be resolved with insta kill, yet that also means, familiar NPCs will certainly kill every little thing instantly, consisting of bosses, for this reason yeah, the trainer demands a little bit of work-related still


Hairysausage insta-kill does no exist as component of this trainer nor would certainly i usage it since it defeats the function of playing a game( I like to fight the enemy and even with that just times ns would usage inf health and wellness “in any type of game” is on impossible fights), no one is that as a alternative in the video game “as much as i have seen” and also ive placed over 65 hours into the video game in the last week.

STN possibly if possible another cheat together an “idea” is a dual or quadruple XP obtain cheat and/or a toggle on/off because that the xp cheat so we dont have to re-load video game to start getting XP again