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SynopsisMagamo Yoshihiro accidentally go in Anna's room as she remained in her leather outfit masturbating in wide daylight. This possibility encounter will define an ever transforming relationship in between them particularly as they walk to the same school!


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tl;dr: A manga centered about a couple swapping S and M roles that concentrates too lot on the S and M and also not sufficient on the characters participating in it. This manga had an interesting concept in gift BDSM based however with pass out on what the 2 main characters were v them exploring which they better fit right into by swapping between them. There’s a lot the they can do through this in regards to using that to construct that personalities at a more comprehensive level. Ultimately though that isn’t used all the much and also though a really amusing one, the feels like like just a gimmick. The manga is really short being only two volumes however despite the it go through fairly a few sessions. As result of this, it doesn’t really spend much time top top them, and there’s only a tiny bit of breakthrough at a time with most of the manga being devoted to the sessions themselves. And various other than the relationship between Yoshihiro and also Anna, yes no overarching plots or stories beyond those separation, personal, instance sessions either. Yoshihiro and Anna are the only two characters that yes, really matter. The only also moderately important side character, Mana, was amusing once she was affiliated but the manga didn’t really end up doing anything major with her. In the end, there’s some quick development that was cute enough and also ended points on a solid enough note that i was satisfied with the ending. But regardless, in regards to substance the manga felt pretty lacking. The arts was decent enough in the there to be a an excellent style, however it was type of rough. Also, part panels to be confusing in what they were showing, though because that the most component the framing to be good. It kind the scratches the Nana come Kaoru itch to an extent, but with nowhere close to as much depth.