It’s never too so late to obtain into FF14. The being said, there space literally hundreds of hours worth of content to churn through prior to you get to the most recent stuff. Square Enix deserve to help… because that a fee. There’s one FF14 level rise and story skip revenue going on right now, i beg your pardon is simply the sort of thing you can want prior to the Shadowbringers expansion.

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The rises are split up right into three categories, and also one is significantly cheaper than the others. Friend can get “Tales of Adventure: A realm Reborn” for a measly $6.99 USD (normally $18). This will skip a chosen FF14 character beyond all the original main Scenario quests in Final Fantasy 14: A realm Reborn. That contains both the project missions the game launched with and also the ones the were added for free. Put an additional way, this items will allow you to instantly accessibility the very first FF14 expansion: Heavensward. Well, kind of…

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See, girlfriend still should reach the initial level lid of 50 on any type of combat Job. That doesn’t really issue which one: it is in it a healer, DPS, or tank. You just need at the very least one project to hit level 50 in bespeak to accessibility Heavensward. You can read our FF14 power leveling overview for help with that.

Alternatively, friend can additionally pay for more “Tales of Adventure” meant specifically to level increase a certain Job. These are normally $25, yet are additionally on sale for $17.50. That’s certainly pricier than the very an easy boost. However you do obtain to go all the way to level 60 — and get a jump start on the road to 70 in the Stormblood expansion. The sale price could be helpful even if you’ve already beaten the story, in fact. Every FF14 tasks level up individually of every other. So you can an increase a Dark Knight, Scholar, or what-have-you together an alternative class, all on one character.

Finally, “Tales that Adventure: Heavensward” are likewise on sale because that $17.50. This will certainly skip you right up come the many recent growth (Stormblood) and pairs well with that level 60 boost. Then you only need to play through one expansion’s worth of contents to be recorded up for Shadowbringers.


FF14 story of Adventure revenue – acquire Ready because that Shadowbringers

Personally, if you’re just obtaining into FF14 for the first time, I execute recommend acquiring the A kingdom Reborn boost. The variation 2.0 contents (as some contact it) is quickly the least exciting in the game. Friend fight an evil empire and meet some angry demigods — an easy Final Fantasy stuff. Heavensward is turbulent in spots, yet much an ext interesting overall. It speak the story of a war between dragons and religious fanatics. Conversely, Stormblood (currently the best FF14 expansion) deals with rebellion, imperialism, and also a villain that is basically evil One-Punch Man.

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No matter what girlfriend skip, FF14 is pretty good about obtaining you earlier up come speed. You deserve to watch any of the cutscenes friend missed from any kind of in-game inn. There’s additionally a series of training objectives that teach you your Jobs’ skills. Events may not lug as lot emotional weight as they could, yet it’s precious it to play through your level 70 friends.

Hurry the up, though. The FF14 level boost sale ends on June 27 at 6 p.m. PDT. That’s just hours prior to Shadowbringers unlocks for pre-order players. You’ll most likely need every minute in between now and then come play v Stormblood, too. There’s a lot of ground come cover. An excellent luck!