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Tasogare-iro no Uta Tsukai is a light novel series written by Sazane Kei and also shown by Takeoka Miho. It has actually been completed with 10 volumes.

Story Synopsis

This story depicts a fantasy human being wright here objects and living creatures have the right to be summoned through Recitations and the usage of special catalysts, along with the assist of Songs of Prayer. Tbelow are five basic colors of Recitations: Keinez(red) - Ruguz(blue) - Surisuz(yellow) - Beorc(green) - Arzus(white), and each can summon things of its corresponding shade.

Evhemary Yehlemihas actually announces that she wants to create a brand-new shade - Night Color Recitations, and Xins Airwincle intends to be the first perkid to understand all 5 colors. The two make a promise to accomplish aobtain in the future and present each other their achievements.

In the present day, Neight Yehlemihas is the adopted son of the deceased Evhemary, and also the inheritor of the Night Color. At a devoted Recitation institution, he meets Kluele, a normal girl examining Red.

Their enrespond to marks the start of a collection of occasions entailing the mystery of Recitations…



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06 October 2015 - Volume 3 - 1st Stanza of the Defeated Completed11 September 2015 - Volume 3 - 1st Play Completed26 August 2015 - Volume 3 Introductory Play Act 2 Completed19 August 2013 - Volume 3 Round Play Completed19 August 2013 - Volume 3 Introductory Play Completed12 August 2013 - Volume 2 Completed22 February 2013 - Volume 1 Completed21 April 2012 - Teaser Project started

Tasogare-iro no Uta Tsukai by Sazane Kei


Volume 1: Evhe Smiles at Dawn (Full Text - PDF)




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Volume 4: A Dancing World, Evhe"s Tuning

Introductory Play: Tsarabel, at the Island also Called Tearsfirst Play: The Cruburned ScarletInterval Play: The Leader of Heresysecond Play: Cradle, Sleep, a Quiet Nightthird Play: The Beginning of the Longest, Deepest NightInterval Play - 2nd Act: Geshutalloa — At the Island Cruburned by Wind4th Play: The Intersection of Emptiness and Dawnfifth Play: Armariris Dances, the World Goes Out of TuneInterval Play - third Act: Sing the Melody of DeterminationFinal Play: The Reakid Behind the Night Color. Under the Night Sky That Reflects AllDuet Play: In a Place Farther Ameans Than Anyone ElseAwarded Play: In a Place This CloseAfterword