NEW WILMINGTON, Pa.-- Saturday will mark the last day for the Tavern ~ above the Square in New Wilmington as the owner has actually announced they are closing.

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Owner Todd Ulicny revealed the notice to the New castle News in a report published last week. He and Alma Ulicny took end the regional landmark restaurant in 2018. 


Last year, Ulicny helped campaigned and change the new Wilmington borough ordinance that banned alcohol sales. The Tavern is right now the only business in town through a state liquor license.


The Tavern"s Facebook page says the building was built in 1849 as a home. A restaurant opened up it in 1931. It"s stayed a location for local residents, alumni, students and their family members for decades. Many former undergraduates indigenous Westminster have held part-time jobs at the Tavern over the years.

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We don"t know if the existing owner will certainly attempt to reopen later or if it will be sold. The Tavern has had several owners. However, the pandemic crisis now weighs greatly on the jae won viability that the company as COVID-19 and also the occupancy limits have forced many small restaurants in Pennsylvania to close.