Several weeks ago articles appeared in referral to president Trump and also gas-lighting, the mental ploy that manipulating who to the degree that he questions his own sanity, much to the advantage of the manipulator whose score it is to deny, addle and also confuse. Example: chairman Trump said that our unemployment rate was as high as 42%. As soon as the media challenged this, chairman Trump stood his ground and blamed the media because that “unfairness” and also “fake news.”

Might ns suggest one more psychological ploy come pander and also manipulate chairman Trump’s politics base. It has actually its roots in man Steinbeck" novella Of Mice and also Men around two vagrants, Lennie and also George, roaming about California trying to find work during the Depression. When the holy spirit deficient Lennie it s okay depressed during their hapless wanderings and needs a fix, he asks his friend George to, " me about the rabbits," a referral to the rabbit farm yard he and also George will one day own. George responds, "" walking to be a an excellent farm, there" it is in a cow and also some chickens and also a large field the alfalfa because that the rabbits..."

So when the minions gain depressed due to the fact that they are still in search of the jobs that were promised, they deserve to say to president Trump, " me about the jobs."

And president Trump have the right to respond, "’re going to require many, numerous workers to construct that mexico wall. It" going to be a good wall. Tremendous. An extremely large. A fantastic wall. Deserve to be watched from external space. Jupiter no less. Designed by Ivanka. She’s working on it together I speak. An amazing wall that will certainly run for miles and keep out murderers, rapists, and also CNN. And also you will all have wonderful jobs building it. To trust me, it" going to it is in beautiful. A merely astonishing wall paid because that by Mexico."

Call it The phone call Me around the rabbit ploy. It’s ideal up there v gas-lighting, yet perhaps a bit much more positive.

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