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Can you do a list of all the things your friends perform for you? They hear to your complaints about your coworkers and also jobs. Her friends space there once you obsess end a new hobby or interest and also they listen patiently as soon as we brag about our children.

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Most importantly, your friends space there because that you when poor things happen. They’re over there for daunting diagnoses and facility relationships. Castle let girlfriend rant and are there for you once you grieve.

If you have a girlfriend or 2 that you deserve to count on when the going it s okay tough, consider yourself lucky. Below are some ways that you deserve to say “thank you for being there” come your one-of-a-kind friend.

‘Thank You because that Being a Friend’ Quotes


Show your friends just how much they are appreciated by sharing a heartfelt quote through message or society media. Below are some estimates from poets, novelists, philosophers, and others who have a knack because that words that speak about friendship’s importance.

Include one of these estimates in a say thanks to you letter come your finest friend or article one ~ above your facebook page.

1. “Friendship is born in ~ that minute when one human says to another, ‘What! girlfriend too? I believed I was the only one.” — C.S. Lewis

C.S. Lewis to be the author of the Narnia series as well together books around Christian apologetics. Lewis was friends v J.R.R. Tolkien, that wrote “The Hobbit” and the “Lord of the Rings” series. That course, this two guys probably had actually plenty that commonalities with which to type a friendship.

2. “Keep far from those who shot to belittle your ambitions. Small people constantly do that, however the really an excellent make you believe that you as well can end up being great.” — note Twain

Mark Twain might have had actually doubters in his ranks as soon as he check to do a career out of writing. Thankfully, Twain must have additionally had girlfriend who urged him come tell his stories.

3. “Lots of world want come ride through you in the limo, however what you want is someone that will take it the bus with you once the limo division down.” — Oprah Winfrey

Value the friendships that survive the negative times of her life. Those friendships are an especially worthwhile.

4. “Growing apart doesn’t adjust the fact that for a long time we grew side by side; our roots will constantly be tangled. I’m glad for that.” — allied Condie

As friend go with life, your friends may come and go. Also if girlfriend didn’t median to lose touch with among your friends, the happens. Re-superstructure this quote through a friend that you don’t often get to see.

5. “There is nothing better than a friend unless it is a friend v chocolate.” — Linda Grayson

We also hold friends with wine in high esteem.

6. “We cannot tell the specific moment when friendship is formed. Together in filling a vessel fall by drop, over there is, in ~ last, a drop which makes it run over; for this reason in a collection of kindnesses over there is at last one which makes the heart operation over.” — beam Bradbury

Share this through a friend who has actually filled friend with pleasure throughout the years.

7. “A friend is someone who knows all about you and also still loves you.” Elbert Hubbard

Share this quote with a friend that accepts your idiosyncrasies.

8. “A girlfriend is one that knows you together you are, understands where you have been, accepts what you have actually become, and still, gently enables you to grow.” — Unknown

This quote has been meeting to william Shakespeare, but scholars say this has been in error. Even though the Bard did not create these beautiful words, they are an apt summary of a perfect friendship.

9. “Only your genuine friends will tell you once your challenge is dirty.” — Sicilian Proverb

This quote would be personalized easily. Genuine friends additionally tell you when you have something in between your teeth or when you space making a silly of yourself.

10. “I never had any friends later on like the ones I had when ns was 12.” — Stephen King

Do this words sound familiar? They room from the movie “Stand by Me.” re-superstructure this quote v your childhood friends.

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Funny ‘Thank You’ Messages for a Friend


A true girlfriend knows as soon as it is time come laugh and when that is time to be serious. Below are some lighthearted say thanks to you message to share through a friend as soon as life is obtaining too sober. You may want to share these as soon as sending funny date of birth wishes come a special person in her life.

11. Friendship is choose a flower in the garden the life. Haha. Just kidding. Thanks for not obtaining too annoyed v me once I’m exhilaration obnoxious. You’re the best.

Some friends enjoy the sentiments written in Hallmark cards and some don’t. Recognize your audience together you send a heartfelt message to a friend.

12. Girlfriend don’t annoy me as much as most civilization do.

If friend are recognized for having actually a sarcastic feeling of humor, don’t disappoint her friends by sending out messages that space too flowery.

13. You room such a exorbitant friend. Say thanks to you because that being there for me. Yet would girlfriend please learn some brand-new jokes? your are getting old.

You might want come pair a sweet message with a slight criticism to gain a laugh the end of her friend. Girlfriend could additionally make fun of your friend’s taste in music or food preparation skills.

14. We’ll it is in friends till we die. You understand too numerous of mine secrets, so I need to keep girlfriend close by.

Do girlfriend share every little thing with your friend? then this might be the perfect quote to define your relationship.

15. You’re favor my favourite candy bar: half sweet and half nuts.

Everyone requirements a nutty friend in his life. Friend can’t be severe all the time.

16. Thank you because that being the cheese on the pizza of life.

Share this blog post with your ideal friend — uneven you’re lactose intolerant.

17. Thank God i finally discovered someone who laughs in ~ my jokes instead of giving me monster looks.

Do you take into consideration yourself “weird?” Weird human being need monster friends.

18. Thanks for laughing hysterically once I fall and telling me once I have mustard on my face. These are the signs of a true friend.

Good girlfriend will also tell you once you room overreacting or as soon as someone else is dealing with you poorly.

19. Many thanks for sticking through me, also though your mom warned girlfriend to remain away native me.

Between you and also your friend, i beg your pardon one is the bad influence?

20. Thank you for providing me free therapy for every these years. Ns couldn’t bought to continue to be this sane otherwise.

Share this sentiment through a friend who is a an excellent listener and never judges girlfriend for your choices.

Sweet ‘Thank You’ Messages for a Friend


Who is your best friend? Is it the person you would create a best friend bucket list through or someone you complain come after a an overwhelming day? here are sweet message to share with your best friend.

21. I am therefore thankful that you are in mine life.

You don’t have to use flowery language come tell who you care.

22. You are the finest friend I’ve ever before had.

You might feel together if your ideal friend is your soulmate.

23. Thank you because that making the simple moments in life extraordinary.

Even the many mundane expedition to the coffee shop have the right to be terrific if girlfriend go through the appropriate person.

24. Life is far better with you.

What human in her life place a smile on her face?

25. There are no words to express just how much i appreciate and value ours friendship.

Perhaps friend can’t find the perfect quote or the appropriate adjective to explain your friendship.

Messages come Say ‘Thank You for Being a Friend during Hard Times"


Was your friend there for you during your cancer treatments, your divorce, or the death of her mom? A great friend mirrors support even when life throws you a curveball. Below are some phrases to use as soon as thanking a friend.

26. I don’t know just how I might have endured the last year without you. Thank you because that being there because that me.

You don’t need to list whatever your friend has actually done because that you. Just thank your friend for being there.

27. Thank you because that literally holding my hand throughout this complicated period in mine life.

Your ideal friend to know the right way to patience you throughout a blatant time.

28. Also though ns don’t constantly acknowledge you, I recognize you are ideal behind me, prepared to catch me once I fall.

It’s always helpful discovering there’s someone behind you when you are teetering.

29. Thanks for gift a beam of sunshine ~ above cloudy days.

Everyone has bad days, so thank your girlfriend for gift there on those not-so-sunny days.

30. Thanks for having actually my back.

A an excellent friend doesn’t gossip about you with various other people.

Post-planning tip: If you space the executor for a deceased loved one, it have the right to be tough to balance receiving sympathies and giving your thank you"s with handling your love one"s loose business. We have actually a post-loss checklistthat will aid you ensure that your loved one"s family, estate, and other affairs are taken treatment of.

Messages to Say ‘Thank You for Being a Friend’ simply Because


You shouldn’t need an occasion to say say thanks to you because that being a friend. Below are some methods to express gratitude — just because.

31. You’re the best.

It’s basic but claims it all.

32. Give thanks to you because that walking with life v me.

Best friends room the world who want to hear around your trip to the grocery keep or some other mundane task.

33. I am grateful that you are in my life.

A grateful human is a happy person.

34. Ns value and treasure our friendship.

If you truly treasure her friend, make certain you tell that or she periodically.

35. Say thanks to you because that being a friend.

Instead of just saying, “Thank you because that being a friend,” you could sing the “Golden Girls” theme song to your bestie.

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Tell world They"re necessary to You

Tell the special world in your life that they are vital to you. Friend never understand when you will certainly have one more opportunity.