A rustic barn and land in a private setting.

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The Barn at pair Oaks Ranch

10042 Bandy Ln, Dardanelle, AR 72834, unified States


On this details day the skies wound up being not-so-blue, and component of the charm the this beloved Arkansas wedding at Twin Oaks Ranch is in the means this couple rolled with the droplets of rain the fell throughout their out ceremony in a grove the trees. A few umbrellas opened up up as this barefoot bride do her method down the shingle aisle to meet her groom in ~ the altar for a moment of cheers and also joyful tears just prior to exchanging vows.

Once within the property’s rustic old barn, the party yes, really kicked up together the rain cleared up down. Located entirely off the grid, just external Dardanelle, this high-ceiling lumber slatted barn has actually that perfect outdoor/indoor vibe v a covered patio and enough an are for a party of as much as 225 folks.




Mint & Basil Infused Martinis, Cucumber-Dill Martinis

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