Meet The Specialists

Visit us, relax and let us get to work. We're below to acquire you the ideal results and give girlfriend the best experience during your treatment.‍Safety, cleaniness, experience and also results are our priority. Publication your meeting today.

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Melt Fat v CoolSculpting

Experts in gaining the ideal results. Publication an appointment and visit us in Newport Beach.‍CoolSculpting eliminates fat cell by freeze them, they finish up dying and never return. We room the experts in CoolSculting and also will obtain you the finest results.

3 methods to Burn Fat

We are fat burn specialists. We offer multiple fat burning treatments and plans that gain you results. No crash dieting, no downtime and did we point out affordable? get the results you constantly wanted and deserve. Fat is very hard to lose. Act stubborn areas where exercise just doesn't cut it. Visit The beauty beauty Hut in Newport beach to Get the Confidence Back.


Laser Lipo

Infrared Light

Our flagship fat busting treatment. Ideal because that those feather to start minimally invasive fat reduction treatments on a budget.



Freeze her Fat

Official CoolSculpting Provider in Newport Beach. Visit us to gain the finest results for your fat melting treatment.



Tighten and Tone

Struggling to tighten your abs? Emsculpt is the only means to tighten and show much more muscle in your favorite areas. 20,000 situps in 30 minutes.


One on One Consultations

No rush, one on one consultation v the best. Treat and also inform yourself prior to your treatment. Obtaining you fabulous results is what we are about. Schedule her one ~ above one consultation today.

We know Results

From beauty, to fat blasting and booty structure treatments. Visit The beauty Hut to get tight, toned and also looking your best. Client love visiting to get the most efficient treatments. Call us now to book.

Love your Results

First timers or those that have been investing in themselves space welcome at The beauty Hut in Newport Beach.‍Book her appointment today to gain the outcomes you're feather for. Walk we cite you'll have actually a fabulous time when you're here? we can't wait to see you.

Bring ago a confident Look

The beauty Hut is much much more than a location for beauty. Created to instill confidence v each and every visit. We sell the newest state-of-the-art treatments that assist you shed fat and look your best. Why shouldn't you look simply as great as friend feel?

Meet our Founder

Olivia started The beauty, beauty Hut to aid those come look and feel their best. She to trust feeling and looking your finest can analyze to confidence in anything you take it on.

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Clean and also Safe Environment

Our spacious treatment rooms and safety protocols store you safe and comfortable during your treatment.