Following up on the success that 2000"s exactly how the Grinch Stole Christmas, Imagine Entertainment presents The Cat in the Hat, their 2nd live-action adaptation the a standard Dr. Seuss book. Certification Mike Myers, the film adheres to the adventures that Conrad (Spencer Breslin) and Sally Walden (Dakota Fanning), a young brother and sister who discover themselves checked out by the titular naughty cat (Meyers) and his entourage when their mother (Kelly Preston) pipeline them home alone. Also starring Alec Baldwin and also the voice of Sean Hayes, The Cat in the cap is the directorial debut that Oscar-nominated art director Bo Welch.

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Special Features

Closed Caption; Dance-along v the cat: ; Learn how to dance similar to the cat through fun, easy-to-follow steps!; 16 deleted scenes:; fun-filled clip with lots of surprises!; 20 outtakes: ; hilarious bloopers special Mike Myers together the cat; The Purrr-fect Stamp:; an unmatched look ath the make of a brand-new U.S. Rubber stamp celebrating the genuine Dr. Seuss; The dirt on D.I.R.T.: just how the miracle cleaning an equipment came to life; Seussville U.S.A.: see how daily Pomona, CA was transformed right into fantastical seussland; The mommy of every Messes: ; Learn exactly how special effects produced the greatest mess ever!; The Music: a very first hand watch at unexplained seussian instruments ; Plus more on the cat, the fish, the kids and the s.l.o.w.

Performance Credits
Mike MyersThe Cat in the Hat
Alec BaldwinLawrence Quinn
Kelly PrestonJoan Walden
Dakota FanningSally Walden
Spencer BreslinConrad Walden
Amy HillMrs. Kwan
Sean HayesMr. Humberfloob,Fish
Technical Credits
Bo WelchDirector
Patrick AguileraStunts
David AlexanderAnimator
Michael AmundsonAsst. Director
Cheryl BainumExecutive Producer
Alec BergScreenwriter
Lee BergerExecutive Producer
Juel BestropCasting
Kacie BorrowmanStunts
Sue Brunell-EdwardsProduction Manager
Tyler CampbellStunts
Peter CavaciutiCamera Operator
J. Andre ChaintrevilSet Decoration/Design
Cameron CroughwellStunts
Joshua CroughwellStunts
Amanda DagueAnimator
Laura DashStunts
Rene Dashiell-KerbyMakeup
Deborah M. DavisCostumes/Costume Designer
Troy DederickStunts
Marguerite DerricksChoreography
Amberlynn DorseyStunts
Jared S. EddoStunts
Kenny EndosoStunts
Richard EpperStunts
Jonathan EusebioStunts
Dave FeitenAnimator
Eddie FiolaStunts
Dan FlanniganStunts
Christian FletcherStunts
Duane FlochAnimator
Terri FlukerCostumes/Costume Designer
Luke FreebornSet Decoration/Design
John GoodmanAnimator
Brian GrazerProducer
Jim HaltyStunts
Ajay HateleyStunts
Keenan HateleyStunts
Sean HaworthArt Director
Jim HofmanAnimator
David HugghinsStunts

Disc #1 -- Dr. Seuss" The Cat in the hat 1. Key Titles <2:20> 2. Humberfloob"s real Estate <2:39> 3. Conrad The Unclean <2:56> 4. Larry <4:05> 5. Mom"s rule <3:18> 6. A Humungous Cat! <6:32> 7. Fun, Fun, funny <5:08> 8. The Cat & The Couch <4:23> 9. The Kupkake-inator! <4:22>10. Point 1 & point 2 <5:11>11. In search of The Lock <5:00>12. A Pussycat Piñata <2:54>13. The S.L.O.W. <4:19>14. Setup C <1:29>15. The race Is On! <1:45>16. The mother Of every Messes <2:27>17. Enough Is Enough! <4:22>18. The Cat Cleans increase <3:34>19. What would You Do? <6:33>20. Finish Titles <1:21>21. Chapter 21 <7:03>22. Thing 22 <:01>

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Disc #1 -- Dr. Seuss" The Cat in the cap Play scenes Languages talked Languages English 5.1 Español 5.1 Français 5.1 attribute Audio Commentary with Actor Alec Baldwin and also Director Bo Welch Captioned because that The hear Impaired English Captions: on Subtitles Español Subtitles: on Français Subtitles: ~ above Subtitles: None distinct Features attribute Audio Commentary with Actor Alec Baldwin and Director Bo Welch turned off Scenes Outtakes DVD-ROM Conrad The cap The real Dr. Seuss The S.L.O.W. The youngsters The Cat Stacks The mom Of all Messes Dance-A-Long with The Cat learn Steps 1 Thru 4 find out Steps 5 Thru 8 practice The Cat run Dance-A-Long through The Cat Sally The dirt On D.I.R.T. Seussville U.S.A. The Purrrr-fect rubber stamp The Cat The Fish The Music

Editorial Reviews

Give The Cat in the hat credit: It more than resides up to the Cat"s promise to provide "pure unadulterated fun without any great sense or judgment." This extends to Mike Myers"s somewhat desperate performance, and also this DVD itself, whose bonus features include bloopers in i m sorry the adult gibbs swear when they flub their lines. The profanities space bleeped, yet still, this is a family film, ~ all. Dr. Seuss" wonderful, whimsical, mischievous publication is as hidden as Myers under all that fur. However critics don"t know what the small kids understand: The glowing colors, the slapstick and mayhem, the gentle profanities, and below-the-belt gags are perfectly pitched to the target adolescent audience. The Cat (voiced by Myers as equal parts Bert Lahr, Charles Nelson Reilly, and also Saturday Night Live"s "Coffee Talk" hostess Linda Richman), functions his dubious magic on 2 disagreeable siblings, dominance breaker Conrad (Spencer Breslin) and also control freak Sally (Dakota Fanning). Oscar nominee (but absolutely not for this film) Alec Baldwin is video game in the thankless role of the smarmy, slimy next-door neighbor with designs top top Conrad and also Sally"s mother (Kelly Preston). The is probably a coincidence the he recently vowed come a reporter the he would carry out no much more kids" films. If just the movie to be as much fun together this disc"s imaginative man menus, organized by Breslin and Fanning. The Cat in the Hat might be, come quote the top-hatted feline, "the mother of all messes," but on the "Phunometer," the scores high with the kids who aided make that a $100 million box office hit. That will, no doubt, enjoy an ext than nine lives on home video.