The quote “The cavern you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek” is attributed come Joseph Campbell. It means that among the paths you see prior to you however are fear to take eventually leads to self-actualization, even if you have to leave the ordinary civilization behind.

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While this quotation does not seem to show up in any kind of of Joseph Campbell’s composing in this precise form, it absolutely sounds favor something the would have actually said. And also there are various other quotations that have the right to be synthetic up prefer this, if take away together.

Whether or not Campbell uttered or declared it in this exact form is yes, really irrelevant since it happens to be a an effective statement that rings true. Let’s take a closer look in ~ it, at its deeper meaning, and at few of the ramifications for you and also your life appropriate now.

Why “The Cave?”

A cavern represents several things. First, it signal danger due to the fact that you don’t recognize what awaits inside. It could be a predator or another human being protective of his territory. It can be a metaphorical dragon.

Second, a cavern is normally dark. That is no accident that human being are usually afraid the the dark. Why is that? Well, it is most likely because, indigenous the standpoint of evolution biology, our predators tend to hunt in ~ night, and also our vision is no as an excellent as theirs.

And darkness has important deeper effects for human beings. The a shadow next of ours psyche – other we are not comfortable facing and also usually need to go come a therapist or a mentor to attend to and type out.

Third, a cavern is a confining environment. The hatchet “caveman” originates from the idea the our ancestors supplied to live in caves. One fact that is rarely stated is that some of these caves were an extremely narrow – barely large enough come fit a human being being. I guess claustrophobia was not a thing back then.

A cavern naturally narrows down your options, your focus, your allocation the resources. In various other words, by speak Yes to the cave, you’re saying No come the remainder of the world, at the very least for a while.

And making together a concentrated commitment is scary because you feel that you will miss out on out on something else. Girlfriend could also get stuck and also find no means back. These space some actual possibilities. However there are likewise amazing benefits, as I’ll explain in a minute.

What about the “fear to enter?”

Given what the cave means to us humans on the subconscious level, that is no wonder the we have the are afraid of beginning it.

If this place could house a bear, it is a legitimate fear. We’ve been afraid that the dark since we were little. And to be confined or stuck is scary because that a great reason.

And now, we have to take action and go boldly right into such a look at unwelcome place. Let’s no forget that the shadow element of this entrance can make us deal with issues buried deep in ours unconscious. And also they might not be pretty.

Given every these risks – real, probable, or i can not qualify – there needs to be a potential payoff for making this bold move. I mean, if friend knew that only something negative could occur to girlfriend there, what would certainly be the point of also considering entering the cave!

Is it possible that it yes, really “holds the treasure?”

Joseph Campbell was a mythologist. That was an ext than that, for sure, but the collective human legend (the “monomyth”) to be his element. That lived and breathed it.

It is no wonder, then, that the cavern he describes is special. It is no continual cave. If you have actually been looking at it for a while, wondering if girlfriend should get in or not, climate it is a cave that has actually something in store for you.

Why is the a treasure that you “seek?”

What space you seeking? Even far better – what space you search that has been elusive because that so long? Why can not use you uncovered it yet?

Perhaps you haven’t uncovered it yet because it’s hidden in the cave, cloaked in danger, darkness, and also fear. Could that be? What is your intuitive answer?

If girlfriend are in search of answers about this “cave that you are afraid to enter however that holds a treasure the you seek,” then you have to be in a distinct place and also time in her life. In this video, I explain how her mind and also body overview you towards your unique cave:

And to further aid you make feeling of her inquiry, allow me provide you three examples of the “caves” and also the “treasures” found within them.

Example #1. College significant and Vocation

A perfect instance of together a cave and the treasure the it held is Joseph Campbell himself and also his work.

Campbell ended up being fascinated through mythology together a young guy when native American narratives captured his imagination. He had actually initially studied biology and mathematics, yet the cave of literature and also mythology was just too enticing. So, he gotten in it.

Once did you do it made the decision and also entered the cave, all kinds of opportunities begin to display up on her journey. Interestingly, top top his family members trip to Europe in 1924, the met Jiddu Krishnamurti, among the enlightened beings and most far-ranging people that the 20th century.

That was an exceptional encounter. It was probably something choose meeting Eckhart Tolle on her fishing trip. The course, the encounter influenced him. Campbell ended up being one that the greatest integrators of ideas in history. Start the cavern definitely cleared up for him. He collected his sweetheart in the type of his theories, lectures, and books.

Example #2. Health and Healing

I’ll provide you an example from my very own life. Once I was 30 years old, ns sprained a knee and also tore mine Anterior Cruciate Ligament. This is a nasty injury, if you ask any athlete who’s ever had one.

After the injury, ns couldn’t extend my leg fully, i walked through a limp, and also had significant pain. This went on for a couple of months throughout which i tried every conservative method available in new York – massage, physical therapy, and also even a people healer. Nothing worked.

Doctors said me that reconstructive surgical procedure was the method to go. One of them claimed I go not require anything at all, and also the knee would settle by itself. However months walk by, and it was not resolving.

I certainly didn’t desire to go for the surgery since it appeared worse than the yes, really injury. They would need to slice up mine perfectly great ligament, drill holes in my bones, and also affix the ligament slice in ar with screws. No give thanks to you.

So, the ordinary techniques were the end the door. I knew I essential a unique solution – one that would certainly not indicate surgery. And after an strongly mysterious experience (of i m sorry I’ll talk in one more blog), the looked favor I discovered the solution.

It to be a type of a cave. I had to take trip to Russia, pay a doctor I had never heard of, and expect a miraculous healing. It certainly raised some eyebrows on my friends, several of whom admonished me come perish the thought.

They warned me the I’d most likely encounter a charlatan, that they’d just take my money, and also I’d come home empty-handed, if no worse off 보다 before. And you know what – they probably had a point.

However, something within me told me to get in that cavern in despite the of everything. My only evidence was the doctor’s ton of voice i m sorry conveyed plainly that he knew what he was talking about. ~ a 3-minute phone conversation with Moscow, three days later on I to be on a aircraft to Russia.

To do a lengthy story short, within 3 months ns was completely healed – without surgery. I could extend my foot fully, ns was no much longer limping, and also I had actually no pain walking, running, or also doing hefty squats. I actually tell the story in much more detail in this podcast.

Yes, the cavern was real, yet so to be the treasure. And I gained it.

Example #3. Company Success

Jeff Bezos is a good example of a guy who exit the ordinary people to enter the cavern of uncertainty and accumulated his treasure together a result.

He made the decision in 1993, and in 1994 that left his high-paying job at D. E. Shaw to begin Amazon in his garage.

The job he left was an extremely comfortable and also lucrative. He was making an excellent money and had his vacations and retirement every figured out. It to be a an excellent comfort zone.

But the cavern of Amazon allured, and he made the decision and also entered it. He had to leave the ordinary civilization of job security behind. There is no other way when entering the cavern – you should say goodbye to the standing quo. The rest is history.

I expect I assisted you in your find in one method or another.

To your freedom,

Philip S.

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