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2015 Benjamin Frankling silver Award-Winner for ideal psychology book, 2015 indigenous IBPA (Independent book Publishers Association).

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Best Psychology book of 2014, Foreword Reviews, IndieFab winner

Calm the emotional warm Spots in your relationship...

Even together they work to improve their relationship, couples impacted by ADHD experience daunting emotions they would prefer to avoid. This book, winner of 3 awards, is based in the stories mutual with Melissa and also co-author, Nancie Kohlenberger, end the last 7 years. It is about calming those challenging emotional areas.

In ‘Thrive’ we display you how to take it a connection that is more complicated than you would prefer it to be, and also make the a lot of better. Us share scientifically-researched approaches that can aid you replace emotions such as ambivalence, frustration, and also anger through feelings that love, compassion and joy. We provide ADHD relationship-specific advice, designed to assist you flourish together together a couple.


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Table that Contents

Foreword through Ari Tuckman

Chapter 1: Couples, Emotions, and ADHD

Chapter 2: Diagnosis, Treatment and the 2 of You

What you need to understand to optimize therapy for ADHD, consisting of a testimonial of specific treatment strategies. How to navigate the emotional worries that absence of treatment brings up.

Hot point out 1: Confusion around diagnosis and treatmentHot clues 2: Resisting diagnosis or treatment

Chapter 3: Tomato/Tomahto – Overcoming interaction Issues

Why obtaining on the same page seems so hard, and vital strategies to gain you out of the communication problems girlfriend face.

Hot spot 3: feeling unloved – action vs. WordsHot point out 4: Too numerous hurtful fightsHot spot 5: Listening, comprehension, and short-term memory issuesHot clues 6: Chronic lyingHot point out 7: My companion acts together if ns brokenCommunication concepts to Think around Again and Again

Chapter 4: can’t You just Lighten Up?! fury in your Relationship

The many types of anger in ADHD-impacted relationships, and also how o relocate away from chronic anger towards a more quiet partnership.

Hot clues 8: Anger and grief – emotion dupedHot spot 9: Nothing ever seems to changeHot clues 10: My partner ignores mine unhappinessHot clues 11: Overwhelmed through anger – floodingHot point out 12: The rage filterNine fury Busters

Chapter 5: Is It perfect Yet? Navigating Chores, Tasks and also Life Balance

Improving dependability in ADHD partnerships and also knowing once not to be in control.

Hot spot 13: Overwhelmed by chores and also parentingHot clues 14: jobs don’t gain done as promisedHot clues 15: distinctions in yongin for chaosHot spot 16: My partner thinks he/she to know bestHot clues 17: Work/life balanceGetting out of your Chores and also Life Balance Battles

Chapter 6: who In fee of What? Rebalancing her Relationship

Tips for moving out of one of the many common, destructive, patterns in ADHD-impacted relationships.

Hot clues 18: Parent/Child Dynamics

Chapter 7: Warmth, Intimacy and also Feelings the Love

Learning to completely love each various other again.

Hot spot 19: Can’t trust my partnerHot spot 20: Don’t feeling connectedHot clues 21: Sexual partnership problemsAdding the Spark: Re-finding Love and also Romance


Watch this PsychCentral Webinar with Zoe Kessler - The Couple"s overview to flourishing with ADHD: A Conversation with author Melissa Orlov

 Experts Love This Book, Too!

"A publication destined come save marital relationships in trouble and also awaken those in repose. Orlov has actually "been there and also done that," which, along with her naturalist"s eye and also ear because that the telling detail, provides this manual a rich and also friendly foray into the wilds that ADHD. No need any type of longer because that white knuckles; Orlov and also Kohlenberger show you exactly how to develop a smooth journey in turbulent air." - Edward Hallowell, M.D., of The Hallowell Centers in Sudbury, MA, brand-new York and San Francisco

“Compassionate, concise, and insightful, The Couple’s overview to prospering with ADHD is filled with ‘a-ha’ moments, and is a must-read because that consumers and also mental health specialists alike…” - noah Rubinstein, LMFT, Founder the

"Hands down the best book for couples dealing with ADHD. No other book comes also close to providing a balance the the positives, negatives and all that is between: "Thrive" offers both inspiration and concrete methods for couples finding out to find joy again after years of struggling with ADHD. Ns love this book!" - Bryan Hutchinson, author of 7 an important Tips for Parents and Teachers of youngsters with ADHD

“A wonderful guide to the unique ways the ADHD can affect relationships. Partners will discover that they are not alone in your struggles, and what it takes to adapt and enjoy life v each various other to the fullest. The authors have created a frank, practical and also bravely an individual guide the will aid many.” - Craig Surman M.D., clinical Coordinator, Adult ADHD study Program, Massachusetts general Hospital; Assistant Professor that Psychiatry, Harvard clinical School; Co-author the FAST MINDS: how to flourish if You have actually ADHD

“As a late-diagnosed woman through ADHD, I can attest come the hopelessness engendered by a life time of unsure failure and heartbreak. The Couple’s overview to growing with ADHD uses hope when all appears lost. That achieves what Hollywood-inspired visions of romance cannot: a practical roadmap to connection recovery the is truly sustainable and offers a real-life happy ending.

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Authors Orlov and also Kohlenberger, equipped with their cumulative professional and personal experience v ADHD in marriage, space not providing a assimilated in The Couple’s overview to thriving with ADHD. Without shying away from the an unfavorable impact the ADHD symptoms, they market something much more valuable: a manuscript away native blame and back to a partnership with the chance of a real-life happily-ever-after.” -Zoe Kessler, B.A., B.Ed., author of ADHD according to Zoe – The genuine Deal ~ above Relationships, recognize Your focus & Finding your Keys

“As in Ms. Orlov’s ground-breaking first book, The ADHD effect on Marriage, Orlov and Nancie Kohlenberger here administer extremely helpful insights, useful advice, and sage wisdom because that couples in i m sorry one or both partners have ADHD. This new book, The Couple’s overview to thriving with ADHD, focuses on the “hot spots” which generally engender distress, such as those regarded communication, managing anger, and navigating chores and also tasks at home. Written in a compassionate, knowledge tone, as though they were speaking directly to the couple, the aim of this book is not to aid couples merely cope with ADHD yet to thrive, re-igniting the spark the love and also romance that carried them with each other in the first place.” -Mary Solanto, Ph.D., associate Professor, Director, ADHD Center, Icahn school of medicine at mountain Sinai. Author of Cognitive-Behavioral therapy for Adult ADHD: Targeting executive Dysfunction

"Practical, accessible, compassionate, and a satisfied to review … a must-have book for any couple living with the challenges and rewards that ADHD. It provides strategies to regain a positive and long-lasting love relationship. The perfect life companion because that couples and coaches who resolve ADHD ~ above a everyday basis." -Nancy Ratey, ED.M., MCC, BCC. Author, The Disorganized Mind

“This publication is a must-read because that couples who want a healthy, love relationship. Created for both the reader v ADD/ADHD and also without, The Couple"s overview to thriving with ADHD does fantastic job the explaining the complex ways ADHD can impact couples. Straightforward to read, the authors market an insightful look in ~ the most typical ‘hot-spots’ (both obvious and also subtle) that couples should recognize and work through, in order to maintain and strengthen your relationship.The book does much more than administer a much better understanding of ADHD and also its effect on couples. It digs deeper, to offer invaluable, handy tips and techniques for dealing with those issues. This is a guidebook come a happier, healthy relationship. That will aid reduce stress and bring back the affection and also romance that often gets lost in the struggles of ADHD.” -Harold Meyer, Coach & executive Director, The A.D.D. Resource Center. Chair, CHADD of new York City