For years, ns remember see Emily Giffin’s books at Target. They had actually the cute covers, but I’d never heard everyone talk around them… and I don’t typically read collection books. Maybe I’m a book snob, however there’s a the majority of chick lit the end there the I just don’t i ordered it to.

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Little did I know that ns was TOTALLY missing out on one of the finest authors out there. Critical summer, ns started reading her books and also started v Something Borrowed… and also then something Blue and then easily devoured every publication that she’s written.

Over the summer, she quickly became one the my favourite authors. And, I found out that she was additionally a favourite of just around everyone i know! If girlfriend haven’t check out her books yet, I very recommend them.

I absolutely recommend gaining started with Something Borrowed. Those personalities are simply AMAZING. Darcy and Rachel and also Dex…. What a crew. Ns love Darcy’s selfish ways and also how kind-hearted Rachel is. Their story carries over to Something Blue, and these room the two books that do me love this author. Review them and take her time. You’ll it is in sad when they’re over. Yes, they’re that good.

This month, Emily Giffin additionally released a free eBook that’s a prequel to Something Borrowed. that offers us visibility right into Darcy and Rachel’s high institution days. Also better, it’s a totally free eBook download. Click on the book below to gain the connect to Google publications for the complimentary download.



It’s not frequently that I uncover a cost-free eBook that I’m excited to read… yet this book had me hooked! It’s a quick diary (not surprising, once we take into consideration that the writer is Darcy!)

What i loved about this eBook is the it offers us the back-story on several of our favourite characters… it digs deeper into who Darcy is and also exposes united state to her youthful ways. As portrayed in other Borrowed, Darcy is a bright, extravagant, and self-centered character…. And interestingly Giffin renders you love her. How frequently do you refer to someone that is self-centered together lovable? It’s really the means Giffin build the story… you find her endearing. You want her come behave better, but in the end, you love her for that she is.

Darcy as a high schooler is just as you would certainly expect. She partner-in-crime Rachel is ever her opposite and focuses top top school… while Darcy focuses on date all the cutest guys in school. Just as i envisioned in something Borrowed, Darcy’s diary confirms the Rachel was along for the journey in plenty of of Darcy’s escapades. I additionally enjoyed that the book dives deeper into some that the funny moments indigenous Something Borrowed/Blue: we hear firsthand about Darcy’s Notre Dame application and also we’re introduced to Ethan and his role he played with the girl from an extremely early on.

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Overall, this is a super-quick read and one I extremely recommend. Giffin additionally gives united state a sneak peak at her recent release wherein We Belong.