When you room trying to launch a certain application or open up something with administrative privileges, you might get an error post prompting the the extended qualities are inconsistent. To aid you resolve this issue, MiniTool Solution provides 6 working methods in this post.

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The extended features are inconsistent” is the prompting blog post that adheres to ERROR_EA_LIST_INCONSISTENT mechanism error. Once you obtain the extended characteristics inconsistent issue, the operating mechanism of your computer system might have actually been corrupted.

In most cases, this error occurs when users are opening windows Registry, task Scheduler, CMD, Driver installs, etc. Once this error occurs, some various other annoying problems might also appear, including system crash and freeze as soon as you running multiple applications.

It is hard for individuals to figure out the certain reasons for this error. And also if this error appears, you can have come reinstall your windows eventually. But don’t worry. Prior to you employ the last resort, girlfriend can try the complying with fixes.

Fix 1: change Sound Settings

According to the report indigenous users, this error is commonly caused by 2 third-party audio codecs: msacm.avis and msacm.lameacm. They will certainly break the UAC consent dialog and thus do the user unable to open up programs with administrative privileges.

To deal with the extended features inconsistent error in this case, you deserve to follow the accuse below.

Step 1: push Windows + R to open Run dialog. Kind mmsys.cpl and click OK to open up the Sound window.

Step 2: switch to Sound tab.

Step 3: In Program Events section, role down and select Windows User Account Control.

Step 4: select (None) indigenous the drop-down food selection of Sounds, and click Apply and OK to conserve the changes.


If “the extended features are inconsistent” error article still appears, you deserve to go earlier to the Sound window, collection the Sound Scheme come No Sounds, and click Apply to save change.

Fix 2: Clean Boot her Computer

Some mounted third-party program or services could interfere through your Windows and also cause this error as well. You deserve to simply clean boots your computer system to settle this error.

Step 1: form msconfig in Run window and click OK to open System Configuration.

Step 2: Under Services tab, examine Hide all Microsoft services option and also click Disable all.


Step 3: move to Startup tab and also click Open task Manager.

Step 4: Right-click the detailed startup applications and choose Disable come disable all the third-party applications.

Step 5: leave Task Manager and go earlier to the System Configuration. Click Apply and OK button.

Step 6: Restart your computer system to take it the alters effect.

If the error disappears, among your third-party applications or services is the culprit. You require to enable all the services and also applications one by one to find the problematic one. One you uncover it, disable or eliminate it.

If the error tho exists, this error should have nothing to carry out with your Apps or services, and also you need to continue with the complying with method.

Fix 3: run SFC Scan

If her system records are corrupted or mismatched, “the extended characteristics are inconsistent” error might additionally occur. You have the right to run System document Checker scan to repair mechanism files.

Just open up your Command notice as administrator, intake sfc /scannow and also press Enter to begin scanning. Don’t interrupt throughout the process, and restart computer to check if the difficulty is fixed once the process is done.

Fix 4: Uninstall Recently installed Applications

If the extended characteristics inconsistent error occurs ideal after you install a details application, possibilities are that this application is the culprit the the issue. You can uninstall the to settle the error.

Step 1: In Run dialog, intake appwiz.cpl and also click OK to open Programs and Features.

Step 2: pick the recently mounted program and also click Uninstall. If there is an ext than one program that may result in this issue, uninstall them all.

Step 3: Restart your computer system to see if the error is resolved.

Fix 5: adjust the team Membership

Some users likewise resolved the problem by bespeak each home windows account come its particular group. Right here are the in-depth steps:

Step 1: After opening Run box, intake netplwiz and also press Enter to open User Accounts window.

Step 2: select your main Windows account and also click Properties button.


Step 3: In the pop-up window, walk to Group membership tab and check Other. Click the arrow to open the drop-down menu and also select Administrators.


Step 4: Click Apply and OK to conserve to change. Then, earlier to the User Accounts window to make certain each account belongs come a group.

Once the done, reboot your computer to check if “the extended qualities are inconsistent” error is fixed.

Fix 6: Perform mechanism Restore

Finally, girlfriend can try performing device restore if all the methods over fail to resolve the error. This operation can lug your Windows ago to an earlier data prior to the error occurs.

To execute that, you have the right to use Windows built-in tool or a experienced third-party utility. As for the thorough instructions, you have the right to refer to this post: exactly how to Restore computer to Earlier day in Win10/8/7 (2 Ways). If you space lucky enough, you can remove the error in this means and protect against a reinstallation that Windows.



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