On my branch I had actually some files in .gitignore

On a various branch those papers are not.

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I want to unify the various branch right into mine, and I don"t care if those papers are no longer ignored or not.

Unfortunately I obtain this:

The adhering to untracked functioning tree papers would be overwritten by merge

How would certainly I modify my pull command to overwrite those files, without me having actually to find, relocate or delete those records myself?

The difficulty is the you space not tracking the documents locally but identical records are tracked remotely for this reason in order to "pull" your mechanism would be forced to overwrite the local documents which space not variation controlled.

Try running

git add * git stashgit pullThis will certainly track every files, remove every one of your local changes to those files, and then acquire the records from the server.

You can shot command to clear the untracked papers from the local

Git 2.11 and also newer versions:

git clean -d -f .Older versions of Git:

git clean -d -f ""Where -d can be replaced with the following:

-x ignored papers are likewise removed and also files unknown to Git.

-d eliminate untracked directories in enhancement to untracked files.

-f is forced to pressure it come run.

Here is the link that can be beneficial as well.

The only commands that operated for me were:(Please be careful this deletes every the regional files)

git fetch --allgit reset --hard origin/your branch name

How come git merge while overwriting untracked files

The papers of interest (FOI) the we are going come remove:

exist in the donor branch,do no exist in the receiving branch,and are blocking the merge because they are present and also untracked in your functioning directory.

git checkout -f donor-branch # replace FOI with tracked `donor` versionsgit checkout receiving-branch # FOI are not in `receiving`, therefore they disapppeargit unify donor-branch # now the merge works

How come git traction while overwriting untracked files

The papers of interest (FOI) the we room going come remove:

exist in the upstream repository,do no exist in the current branch,and room blocking the merge because they room present and untracked in your functioning directory.

pull = having + merge, so we carry out git fetch adhered to by the git checkout -f, git checkout, git merge trick above.

git fetch beginning # fetch far commitsgit checkout -f origin/mybranch # replace FOI with tracked upstream versionsgit checkout mybranch # FOI are not in mybranch, therefore they disapppeargit unify origin/mybranch # currently the unify works. We have pulled by fetching + merging.

Detailed explanation

git merge -f does no exist, yet git checkout -f does.

We will usage git checkout -f + git checkout to remove the files Of interest (see above), and also then your merge deserve to proceed normally.

Step 1. This step forcibly replaces untracked FOI through tracked version of the donor branch (it likewise checks out the donor branch, and also updates the remainder of the functioning dir).

git checkout -f donor-branchStep 2. This step gets rid of the FOI due to the fact that they they are tracked in our existing (donor) branch, and absent in the receiving-branch us switch to.

git checkout receiving-branchStep 3.

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now that the FOI are absent, merging in the donor branch will not overwrite any untracked files, for this reason we get no errors.