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Firefly"Jaynestown"TV episodeWritten by Ben EdlundDirected by Marita Grabiak

incubadoradeartistas.com access time a human being where Jayne is taken into consideration a hero of mythic proportions.

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Didja Notice?

The balladeer in the bar of Canton sings "The Hero the Canton". The lyrics are below and also I've placed a pieced-together variation (with dialog overlapping) to hear to here:"The Hero of Canton"

Jayne!The guy they speak to Jayne!He plunder from the rich and he gave to the poor,He stood up to the man and he offered him what for.Our love because that him now, ain't hard to explain,The hero the Canton, the man they speak to Jayne!Our Jayne experienced the Mudders' backs breakin'He experienced the Mudders lamentAnd he observed that magistrate takin'Every dollar and leavin' 5 centsSo the said, "You can't do that to mine people""You can't crush lock under her heel"Jayne strapped ~ above his hatAnd in 5 seconds flatStole whatever Boss Higgins had to stealHe robbed from the rich and also he offered to the poorStood up to the Man and also he offered him what forOur love for him currently ain't tough to explainThe Hero that Canton, the male they call JayneNow right here is what separates heroesFrom typical folk like you and IThe guy they speak to JayneHe turn 'round his planeAnd let the money struggle skyHe dropped that onto ours housesHe reduce it into our yardsAnd the man they call JayneHe turned round his planeAnd headed out for the starsHe plunder from the rich and also he gave to the poorStood approximately the Man and he offered him what forOur love because that him now ain't tough to explainThe Hero that Canton, the guy they call Jayne!

At 15:50 on the DVD, that looks prefer there's a skull-and-crossbones on part piping on incubadoradeartistas.com.


Jayne kills Stitch v his knife, however it's a various knife than the one he commonly carries. The book Firefly: still Flying, speculates that the production necessary a prop knife that had a retractable blade since Jayne stabs someone with it, and his initial knife might not have been made that way.

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Chinese translations(Thanks come theFirefly-incubadoradeartistas.com Chinese Pinyinary for the translations)
Time on DVDChineseEnglish
11:36Wash says, "Je shr shuh muh lan dong shi!?""What is this garbage!?"
13:26Jayne says, "Yeh-soo, ta ma duh...""Hay-soose-mother-of-jumped-up--" (obviously words left unsaid is "Christ").
17:18The bartender says, "shiong mao niao""panda urine"
17:20Chinese prize on whisky labelNeng (the brand that whisky)
18:03Chinese symbol "ping" top top a candle lit through Inarapeaceful
19:26Jayne says, "guh jun duh hwoon dahn!""a real bastard!"
21:58Zoe says, "Hoo-tsuh.""Shut up."
26:52Chinese creating on Jayne's t-shirt, "wan nao"troublemaker
33:11Chinese price tattoo ~ above mudderTao (referring to Taoist philosophy)
39:21Wash says, "Gao yang jong duh goo yang.""Motherless goats of every motherless goats."