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a game by Nintendo
Editor Rating: 7.5/10, based on 1 evaluation
User Rating: 8.7/10 - 3 votes
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If you room thinking the Zelda Ancient rock Tablets sound familiar, you may understand the video game a bit much better as BS Legend of Zelda. This was a one-of-a-kind episodic video game that to be released for Nintendo’s weird online service form thing the they had going on in Japan. It would never ever make it come the West, but thankfully some clever folks have regulated to rip the game and also us fans deserve to now pat it.

Four story In One

Ok so Zelda Ancient rock Tablets, can not it is in “four in one” but what I typical by this is that originally the game was released in 4 parts. The video game has the story break-up into 4 sections and these are The Hero the Light, The monster Return, The Tablets, and The silver- Arrows and the Demon King. The game I feel is trying come be an ext story-driven than A link to the Past and also that is cool.


Speaking of link to the Past, BS Legend the Zelda is very popular due to the fact that it is actually a full-on sequel to attach to the Past! The game is collection six year after the events in that game and instead of playing as Link, girlfriend play as either a male or female avatar that is a depiction of yourself. I will certainly say that the method Zelda is illustrated in this video game is yes, really cool.

Tonight top top 60 Minutes!

One the the most interesting elements of Zelda Ancient stone Tablets is that the episodes room 60 minute long! each one is set in that own part of Hyrule (with the various other parts that the map close up door off) and you have 60 minutes to obtain as much stuff done as you can. No issue how far you space or how tiny you have done, as soon as that time limit is increase the episode is over. In theory, ns really choose this idea and also it is type of a prelude to what Majora’s Mask would do numerous years later.

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The gameplay is similar to A attach to the Past. You will need to go ~ above quests, uncover items, speak to people, beat bosses, explore dungeons and so on. The game does bring items end to the later on episodes which is cool, but that is something ns like. The video game has things favor mini-games and much more dynamic actions from the NPCs which is great and miscellaneous that numerous of the later on Zelda gamings in the series would loaned from


I would not say the Zelda Ancient rock Tablets is one of the all-time classic Legend of Zelda games. However, the is definitely one of the most exciting ones the is the end there. Ns am no so sure that many world would bother play this from begin to end, however it is nice cool and well worth acquisition a look at if you are at all interested in the Zelda series of games.

Final Score: 7.5/10


I favor the idea behind the gameEach thing is quite differentThe NPCs are way more dynamic than in LTTPYou play as yourselfThe video game is nice story-driven


The original video game had really voice exhilaration which is absent hereThe time limit might be a bit annoying